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Knee Deep Necro
Knee Deep Necro
8 Tracks
Imagine music being films, our music would be considered horror, but not just horror. Our main goal is to scare you. Our music is 100% original and we do not us
I'm Your Nightmare
Sins of the Flesh (Feat. Letha)
Clockwork (Out of Time)
The Chamber
Band/artist history
Well I started off in 2009 I believe, worked on a bunch of stuff but got rid of it, My name back then was Brokenwings, yeah I know the name wasn't very original besides it wasn't my style, didn't fit me at all so I quit for a while until I could find a new approach. Then in 2010 I started back up under the name Terminal Insanity, this time I had a partner, The guy had no idea what he was doing which even then I still kept him around but he wasn't willing to do anything. Expected me to do all the work by myself and only showed up for rehearsal and makeup tests. We did that for a bit made a few beats but never got anything actually recorded. He didn't want to memorize the lyrics which made working with him frustrating. After a while I threw in the towel decided to kill the group until I could figure out what I wanted out of this. How it would be perfect for me and my style would absolutely suit me. I told him about it and he bailed on me, I guess he just wanted to stick around for that and nothing more. In 2011 I came back started working on music again and got my whole theme going. Then I created my character, Knee Deep Necro. I made the mask out of a old potato sack I found and it fit the character perfectly. Now Every song isn't about knee deep necro. He's not the killer or anything. He's more or less the story teller. Introducing each story to the audience just like the crypt keeper. I do take breaks from time to time to get rid of writers block as well as let new fresh ideas flow in my head until I get the right ones. I wont release any rushed music, I take my time with it and wont say it's finished until I know it's perfect.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No I don't play live I just enjoy making music that will scare people. If I can do that I'm satisfied.
Your musical influences
Horror films, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Stephen king, Halloween.
What equipment do you use?
Fl studios, Basic mic. I'm not a professional nor do I have money to invest in this. It's just a hobby nothing more.
Anything else?
If anyone is interested in being in my music and supporting my cause please feel free to email me and let me hear what you got. Always looking to collab with new people just as long as they aren't looking to make a quick buck off of me. I won't pay money because I don't make anything off of this and I don't expect anyone else to make any money off of me either.
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