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hip hop, we got alot of different styles, Interior Records
This is Dru-P, I recently dropped "Dedication" a follow up to "For the Fam." A CD done by Clay and I. I had alotta fun recording "Both albums." Right now I'm just doing tracks to get myself sharpened up, and hopefully I'll continue to improve. This website has pretty much every non- album song I've ever done. Unfortunately most of my non- album songs came out of me being bored, or were thrown together. So don't think my album material's gonna be this sloppy.. I'm also behind the Steppn' Up Mixtape series, which showcases other talent, behind my production.. Check out my website at www.dru-p.com
Band/artist history
I've been rhyming and spitting bars.. my band members would have to be the pen and pad, I'm just the lead singer..... nah... some cats that I fuck with: C-Lay, Murder Mic, D Reddick, Quincy, Clarence J, Mike B, J Belli, JJ, J Love, J Ginn, Black Soultan, Priceless da ROC, L Moody.... and the list goes on...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Whenever I get a chance I love to play live. It seems like everytime I play live I make mistakes, or there's some technical difficulties, however I feel these problems only make me better in the long run.
Your musical influences
Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz, Primo, Pete Rock, Kanye West, Alchemist, and every emcee influences me a little
Anything else?
Biotch... Shout out to all the gold diggers, biotiz, Bootydo's, Two faced biotiz, theives, victim's, addicts, and sexual predators.. Some other cats soundclick sites.. www.soundclick.com/murdermic www.soundclick.com/qtbeats www.soundclick.com/dreddick www.soundclick.com/jlove www.soundclick.com/pricelessdaroc www.soundclick.com/arkon www.soundclick.com/wezzy
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