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Tom Byrne
Tom Byrne
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13 Top 10
31 Tracks
Progressive, melodic, heavily orchestrated rock with celtic and space rock influences
Global Greenhouse (Modal Logic)
Peak position #10
The Dragons of Dinas Emrys
Peak position #4
] ');');');. I have privately released two albums, "The Last Druids" (2002) and "The Eye of the Cyclone" (2003). These are, according to one reviewer "progressive rock heavily informed by celtic music", though there are also space-rock influences in the second album. My next album "The Store of All the Worlds" will be released in March 2004. See album and concert reviews in the "Reviews" section. You may see reviews of the albums at the excellent "Aural Innovations" site: http://www.aural-innovations.com/issues/issue22/tombyrne.html and http://www.aural-innovations.com/issues/issue24/tombyrn2.html
Band/artist history
I have been producing music privately for a number of years; "The Last Druids" and "The Eye of the Cyclone are single concept works that are designed to take the listener on a musical journey - in the first case, ancient Britain at the dawn of the Dark Age. The second album in the series, "The Eye of the Cyclone" is loosely based on the beliefs that The Last Druids may have held. The third album, "The Store of All the Worlds", was released in June 2004 and is a tour around possible dystopias - a set of sf "short story" songs.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The highlight of 2003 was supporting the mighty Hawkwind at the summer Hawkfest, performing with the noted Australian guitarist and founder of Alien Dream, Michael Blackman. There's a review of our performance and an interview at: http://aural-innovations.com/2003/september/aliendr2.html See also a highly detailed and intellectual analysis of the tonal structure of our compositions as rendered at Hawkfest, together with musings on the rendition in the context of the evolution of space rock at the highly serious and profound Hawkwindmuseum - http://www.hawkwindmuseum.co.uk/alien.htm The review of the very excellent Hawkfest is at: http://aural-innovations.com/2003/august/hawk2003.html More Hawkfest photos (including Alien Dream) at www.hawkwind.com
Your musical influences
Hawkwind, space-rock and progressive music. Magma, Van Der Graaf Generator, early Genesis, Camel, Yes (especially "Relayer"), more recently Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
What equipment do you use?
A range of synths and samplers, including analog synths from the 1970s. SONAR to sequence and Sound Forge to master.
Anything else?
If you have any comments on the tracks or are another musician wanting to chat, do drop me a line!
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