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Keith Heimericks
Keith Heimericks
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Keith Heimericks is a Rock/Hard Rock/Numetal Artist from Rapid City, South Dakota, with influences such as Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, POD, and Bon Jovi. If
Unite As One
Hello everyone! I am a #Rock, #Alternative Rock, #Hard Rock solo artist from Rapid City, South Dakota. If you are a fan of #Classic Rock you will love the new Album #Small Town USA! I would like to say that I have a specific genre, but honestly, I like any #music that holds a good beat! Small Town USA was recorded using professional #recording gear using my own home studio. I have been #singing and #playing guitar since I was 14, but only very recently purchased a quality studio capable of recording commercial quality music. I am also a big fan of #cover songs! My rendition of #Simple Man took approximatly23 total hours to record and I had one goal in mind... It needed to ROCK! The original is awesome, but I've never heard it truly rock out. I have plans in the future to record a rocked out version of #Hotel California as well. More to come with that. The rest of the album, for the most part, is #upbeat and will leave you reflecting about life in general. My goal was to create a truly great rock album with powerful #choruses, #heavy guitars, and #vocal harmony that you just don't really hear anymore. When it is all said and done, (the album isn't due to release until 15 December 2017) I'm hoping the end result will be an instant classic. An album that you want to listen to from start to finish. An album that has meaning, something that we can ALL relate too, but at the same time, sing our hearts out with during #unforgettable choruses. Bands/Vocalists that I sound similar too are #Breaking Benjamin, #Papa Roach, #Bon Jovi, #The Ataries, #Offspring, #Audiovent, #Classic Rock My genre is primarily #Alternative Rock, but also fits in with #Classic Rock, #Hard Rock, #Acoustic Rock, #Numetal, #Progressive Rock, #Indierock So a little about me; 1. I have a beautiful wife and daughter that means the world to me!! 2. I love recording/playing music! I will never forget growing up listening to my grandpa play his guitar for my mom and Aunts and Uncles. It was because of him why I continue to pursue my passion! 3. If you can't find me, I'm probably fishing somewhere! Preferably fly fishing! I get bored easily and that allows me to walk around...ha! 4. I really enjoy riding dirt bikes and four wheelers! I can't wait to get my daughter her first four-wheeler, "when she is old enough" so we can ride together! 5. Fun fact: I've been in the United States Air Force for 14 years! 6. I enjoy meeting new people, networking! 7. I'm a very upbeat/happy person! If you're bored, send me a message through Facebook!
Band/artist history
Oh man! I have been the frontman for so many bands over the years! I am 32 years old currently and just reflecting back on my younger "rockstar" days....I just laugh! Great Times!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have been in many bands, but I currently do not play live.
Your musical influences
Anything that is plugged into an amplifier! Haha! No, but seriously, I grew up listening to Breaking Benjamin, POD, Papa Roach, Seether, Drowning Pool, Limp Bizkit, and classic rock! However, I'm not biased to just that genre. Anything that holds a beat and sounds good, I'm all for it!
What equipment do you use?
Electric Guitar: LTD EC 1000 with EMG (Active Pickups) Bass Guitar: Toby Acoustic Guitar: Taylor 114e Mic: Sure SM7B/AKG Perception 120 DAW: Sonar Professional Studio Monitors: JBL Professional Interface: Focusrite/Scarlette 18i8 Guitar Software: Amplitube MAX Mixing/Editing/Mastering Software: T-Racks MAX
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