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like my bio says, i do my thing i dont wanna be hated or slated for what i do i just try bring my messages to the tracks theres only a few atm working on some b
making a difference
Joe Mq Ft sandsii - So incredible
i come from leeds a nice city in england, i first got into Rap /Hip hop at the age of 13 got into a crew did some street battles but grew up and the aggro dissapeared, my lyrics changed it stopped being "im a Fucking gangster blah blah" to why do people actually die over this? music is meant to express how individuals feel there is no better feeling than a beat going and lyrics been put down. its a euphoria to feel that, and if maybe wether i myself am talented or not it will help people think about what goes on how people feel, or maybe change the course of future actions because i have seen music used as a weapon i have seen people get hurt through it - that aint what music should be about - Peace!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yano, the only live stuff iv ever really done was street battles crew vs crew iv done one open mic and that was awesome, to be up on the stage 1st track went down a treat a treat the 2nd even better. that was at carpe diem leeds. many talented artists from a whole variety of music aspects from guitar to singers to rap.
Your musical influences
Eminem i would say would be my highest influence, hes an idol to me, His flow is metamorphic it isnt consistent it changes but he makes it work, and for as jokey as he can be he spits some real down to earth shit.
What equipment do you use?
At the minute a friends. seen as though he dropped a mixer on my condensor mic.
Anything else?
Music Empowers the mind and the heart theres nothing that says anyone cant make music its All about expressing yourself and i take my hat off to anybody that wants to do that!