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Disco Chickens
Disco Chickens
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Old-school metal from Clarion, Iowa. Formed in the early 90's and broken up in '99. The Chickens recently re-recorded some of their old songs, but with only 1 o
I would like to tell you a story. A sad story. A scary story. A TRUE story... about the ones named... THE DISCO CHICKENS! That's right, peeps. You may remember them as Sherbert Gizzard, Choke A. Chicken, and Chicken Strip. Or maybe you referred to them merely as Derek, Chad, and Chad. Either way, once you heard The Disco Chickens, you could never forget them. From the opening macabre of the classic "Goatman," to the constantly dirty "Purple Helmet," plowing through "Love Slaves," the grinding "Of Mice And Men," and the ultimate band mantra "The Disco Chickens Theme," the band's place in heavy metal history has long been cemented in the annals of Iowa's legendary rock halls. From the ashes of cover band Threshold (formerly known as The 29th Step), The Disco Chickens were born of a desire to perform original, heavy, and comedic rock songs. Donning ski masks, various clothing items snagged at the local Goodwill, snow overalls and boots, the disguised trio originally opened for Threshold. Essentially opening for themselves, The Chickens (as they're known to their incredibly small but loyal fanbase comprised of themselves, Chad Fletcher, his brother Curt, Chris Lunde, and Jason Rollene) were initially shrouded in mystery. Rumors were rampant leading up to their inaugural live performance, but those close to them denied their true identities. From the moment they stormed the stage, the thousands of people in attendance knew the band was a force to be reckoned with. There were actually about 70 people there, but semantics has never played a part in heavy metal. Following that famed gig in the booming Clarion suburb of Rowan, Iowa, the band hunkered down in Johnsonville Studios (aka Derek's basement). From 1993 to 1996, the band recorded various studio tracks, and entered an MTV contest. Vying for a spot to open for White Zombie, the band's name was mentioned on-air by a veejay. Of course, they didn't win, but someone actually uttered "The Disco Chickens" on MTV!!! The summer of 1996 was the last time their adoring public would see the band live again. Three plus years after the famed Rowan show, The Disco Chickens were asked to play Jarret Judson's Fourth Of July bash. A well attended beer fest for drunken teenagers, this was exactly the crowd the now reclusive and uptight band needed. The band introduced their own handmade unique four piece stage platform for this show. Affectionately dubbed "The Spike Pit" after longtime male groupie Heath "Spike" Waddell, the unusual u-shaped opening allowed for up-close and personal interaction with the rabid and decidedly adolescent concertgoers. Frightened for their lives for much of the show due to whizzing fireworks set off by inebriated morons, a major setback with the P.A. system stalled the band. But another longtime male groupie, Adam Russell, came through with some last minute equipment. The show went on, albeit in a shortened format due to rising tension within the band. Gizzard, Chicken, and Strip have played together a few times since. Today, "normal" life consumes them. Once they're through with the mundane, I'm sure you'll see them rear their cocks, er um, ugly heads once again! LONG LIVE THE CHICKENS!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have "special" moments all the time!
Your musical influences
Slayer, White Zombie, Anthrax, S.O.D., M.O.D., Exhorder, Megadeth, Pantera, Tourniquet, Nuclear Assault, Crowbar and a shitload of other great bands.
Anything else?
You may have heard of Slipknot. You may have heard of Mushroomhead. But the Disco Chickens were wearing masks long before these bands. Of course, there were bands like GWAR doing this while we were still picking our noses and eating our boogers.
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