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SpecMACular On The Beat
SpecMACular On The Beat
1 Track
Music Producer
Music Producer! BANGING BEATS!!!
Band/artist history
I started doing secular at age 9. by the age of 12 I'd already released my first project and had been on tour. After my Grandfather's death, everything stopped. I did no more shows, I stopped writing and recording. This time allowed me to become a student to Hip Hop and I grew in lyricism. I came back a few months later. In 2009 at age 15, I began to do Christian Rap, but I did not fully give my life over to Christ until 2011. I recognize that to be the inception of SpecMACular, a new character, a new Creature, a New Vessel to Glorify God, and bring souls to the Kingdom of God. BINGOBOW is a word I made that means "The FLyest Praise"!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! all around the southern region, but God told me in his word that he will take me farther than I thought I would ever go, so I am dying to my flesh in order to stay in God's will.
Your musical influences
Artists- LeCrae, Andy Mineo, Canon, PRo, and Trip Lee Producers- Koncept Beats, Epik The Dawn, RYAN LESLIE, and Superstar O
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio, Reason, M-Audio Keyboard, and Pro Tools
Anything else?
VISIT www.reverbnation.com/SpecMACular for new SpecMACular music! ALSO Follow me on twitter @SpecMACular #BINGOBOW