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O'Malley Mars Mission
O'Malley Mars Mission
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Instrumental jazz/rock fusion in outer space.
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Last Night on Earth
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Lift Off
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3 songs
O'Malley Mars Mission is one man, P.S. O'Malley, improvising and multi-tracking on cheap guitars (FIREBALL) and a Yamaha PSS-470 keyboard (MARATHON ON MARS). MARATHON ON MARS was recorded with the Yamaha PSS 470 keyboard which has sliders that let you adjust wave, spectrum, modulation, attack, and decay in real time simply by sliding up and down on the levers. This creates some real incredible effects in real time. By change sounds presets in the keyboard and experimenting with these sliders, I was able to achieve what you hear in the MARATHON ON MARS recordings. FIREBALL was recorded on cheap guitars and overdubbed one night in the fall of 2008. This project sat forgotten in my pile until 2019 until I re-discovered it and released it here.
Band/artist history
P.S. O'Malley has been involved with multiple bands and recording projects over the last 30 years. He is a founding member and lead vocalist of the band IDIOT SIN who released 3 albums, ORIGINAL SIN, HOAX, AND III. He played drums with the Portland Oregon band, THE SPOKES, and later known as INTERSTELLAR DRIVEWAY who have released 2 albums. He recorded a jazz/rock guitar fusion album under the band name FREED WILLY titled TWENTY SIX MINUTES. In addition, he played drums, wrote all the songs and sang all vocals on THE LLOYD O'MALLEY PROJECT on their 2018 album "Rattle the Cage".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've performed multiple times as a drummer and a lead singer, but never as a keyboardist.
Your musical influences
Return to Forever, Weather Report, Joni Mitchell, Pat Metheny, Led Zeppelin
What equipment do you use?
Cheap keyboards and cheap guitars
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