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Coeus the Boxing Titan
Coeus the Boxing Titan
11 Tracks
Minnesota's Coeus the Boxing Titan offers a more unique take on the Prog Rock genre, roughly sounding like Pink Floyd playing Noise Rock after being stabbed in
Minnesota's Coeus the Boxing Titan is a musical deity that descended from the clouds back in 2008, as a way for sole member and songwriter Aro to vent pent-up emotion and punch holes in the fabric of modern rock. Combining his own takes on several genres, Coeus takes enormous influence from progressive, psychadelic, and industrial rock; artists like John Frusciante, Pink Floyd, Queens of the Stone Age, Primus, Beck, Mike Patton, and King Crimson. There are many undercurrents that help make the style distinct; downtempo and hip-hop music were a huge inspiration, as well as funk, noise rock and electronica. With nothing but cheap instruments and a PC, Coeus music is written with a heavy emphasis on the atmosphere and production of each song. The lyrics are stitched together from the chaos of the human mind, dealing with subjects like introspection, sanity, relationships, and heartache.
Band/artist history
Coming from the northern reaches of Minnesota, Aron "Aro" Patterson grew up in a small community where he discovered how bleak, boring and well-lit life could be. When not torturing bugs with his friends in his spare time, he was torturing action figures in his room, developing immense plots and storylines every day. He always knew he was destined to be some sort of artist, or at the very least, one of those dudes who took pictures for Playboy and called himself one. As a teenager, he became enthralled with the world wide web, exploring a variety of different creative mediums -- web design, photoshop, writing, and computer games. But before he graduated from high school, he found his calling... music... the songcraft... the SOUL! Few things had touched him as invasively as music had, as far as he knew! After he graduated, Aro began listening to and creating music obsessively in his free time, branching out into dozens of different genres, eventually developing Coeus the Boxing Titan as an "electric blues-funk" project but turning into the prog rock you hear today. His music didn't get any less obsessive and disorder-driven, which brought the world "The Boxing Titan Spawns"... introspective music that freakin' rocks!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do not play live, sadly. I am not connected with any local musicians and there aren't a whole lot up here, although it helps that I have free reign over what I write and how I sound. One of these days!
Your musical influences
John Frusciante -- the very introspective lyrics, electronics, and amazing use of melody Buckethead, -- use of electronics, soundscapes, samples, and blazing guitar solos Beck -- off-beat and the use of electronics Pink Floyd -- the depth, layers, and making rock into an art Primus -- off-beat, quirky and funky as hell Atmosphere -- a Minnesota rap group with very inspiring lyrics, which started my interest in poetry
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha keyboard, cheapo Fender Starcaster, Epiphone SG, Fender Squier bass, electronic drums, samples, Blue Yeti mic
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