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Wicked shit
Band/artist history
Hellusin8 is a horrorcore rapper who was born and raised in the MidWest city of Detroit, Mi that has been writting rhymes since he was 7 and recording since he age 12. Hellusin8 started off battling in his elementry school lunch room like most rappers. As the 90s approach and adolescents came upon him rapping became a religion to him so him and his child hood friends started equring studio equipment and soon they started producing and recording they own music and started recording.Within a week the group recorded enough materail for a full lenghth lp so they began to sell theyre music in the middle school lunchroom via basf tapes. Pretty soon they start getting a buzz in the nieghborhood and started rockin talent shows and this continued thru out his 9th and 10th grade years.By ninth grade Nate decided to go into another direction with his music and left the group he continued th work with them and they are all still friends till this day. So he started a horrocore group with his highschool friend casper called scream.The two complimented eachother perfectly both teens being big fans of Esham , Gankstanip,Brotha lynch hung, Kgp ,C-bo and many other underground heavy wieghts.As the two approached adulthood they went into different directions. But they came back together temporaly but nothing got materalized due to caspers untimely death. Hellusin8 continue to record and release albums on various labels under different names but there was 1 problem they all wanted him to do mainstream music. So finally Nate had enough of label politics and went back to his roots and returned to horrocore so in 08 Marc kempf of long range distribution signed Hellusin8 and he debute with the underground classic HELLUSIN8IONZ ep 10 days before holloween . The 4 track ep got the attenion of Jermey Napolinto and he was soon soon signed to his MindRapeMusick label and was invited to perform with him @ gorefest In Denver , Co with other big names in horrorcore such as Scum, Insane poetry ,Q-strange, Shy -One since then Hellusin8 have performned with Esham , Wolfpac, ABK, Mastamind,Cap - One of Simken Hieghts Poe whosaine. He released is follow up HELL'Z FURY on Easter of 2011.He is currently working with Jaxter out of Wichita KS, ADR Lavey of Triple 6, Mastamind Of NATAS,and Body Bagz Of MindRapeMusick.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, any where im booked ,Fuck yea, hypin up the crowed
Your musical influences
esham marliyn manson tech nine all hip hop death metal classic heavy metal
What equipment do you use?
ppro tools
Anything else?
sex drugs money and satanism
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