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original multi genred music soft rock, alternative rock and pop rock... and much more... Dig it
Hey , we hope you dig the tunz :) Peace. Widespan
Band/artist history
Welcome to our musical journey. All the material you will find by us is original and has been created, performed and recorded ala" Live Production" by Widespan. Since our 2004 we have created and recorded many songs with 8 number 1 internet charts songs in thier respected genre in 2 years with feel good positive music. The material is multi-genred. Our music contains songs that have a strong "dash" of right from the heart with a twist of originality and a splash of many others... a sound that has a great sort of rolled out of bed and grabbed my guitar kind of sound that speaks volumes with influences that range from commercial rock (ala alice in chains) to early Beck and uber indie bands from England back in the 80's. We are high on expression and keep our actual song arrangements pretty loose "all Live production" which only attests to the broad variety of styles and versatility Widespan is able to capture with thier music. Widespan is no stranger to the music world of the internet. Since 2006 the inception of Widespan.....internet streams and downloads have been accumulating by the thousands, with listens from around the world and producing eight different #1 hits on their respective internet song genre charts. we hope you enjoy the musical "trip" that Widespan is able to capture for the pure music lover
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I think we are? :)
Your musical influences
Hendrix,Clapton,Allmans,Eagles,Santana,Skynyrd, Match Box 20, Beck, Alice in Chains, Goo Goo Dolls, Nickleback......hell most all music
What equipment do you use?
oh... a Gibson Les Paul,Fender Strat Yahmaha Drums,keyboard
Anything else?
Yeah, don't forget the headphones
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