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Ska-ker Moms
Ska-ker Moms
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9-piece ska-punk act out of Brecksville, OH
Been Around the Block
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Crappy Job Song
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Power Of Cheese
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Snow Day (Live at Peabody's)
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The Ska-ker Moms are an 9-piece ska-punk band out of Brecksville, OH. Members are- Tom Heun (vocals/ guitar) John Roberts (guitar/ vocals) Trevor Whitwell (bass) Dan Raczka (drums) Jacob Bowers (trombone) Brian Radak (trombone/ random screaming) Scott Neff (trumpet/ keyboard) Ricky Jedrey (trumpet) Mike Garik (trumpet)
Band/artist history
Many moons ago, Trevor and John were sitting on a bus going to a swim meet and they were like "let's start a band." So John got better at guitar and Trevor at bass. They wanted to form a punk band, but one day they were talking to Brian and he was a trombone player. And then they were like "let's start a ska band." So they forced some of their friends into the band and eventually the Ska-ker Moms were formed. After going through a few drummers, a couple singers, a pair of saxes, we finally debuted with the lineup of Jim (vocals), John (guitar), Trevor (bass), Dan K(drums), Scott and Ricky (trumpet), and Jacob and Brian (trombone). Upon high school graduation, Jim and Dan K decided they could learn more at a university then they could in a ska band, so we sadly watch them depart. But those frowns were turned upside down when Tom came in to sing (and to provide a second guitar chord or too) and Dan R arrived to lay down the beats. Starting off playing Sublime and Reel Big Fish covers in a garage at a marching band party, the band quickly created a cult following within their Brecksville-Broadview Hts, OH communities with their infectious, horn driven brand of 3rd wave ska. The band expanded their fan base outside of their local communities and gained media attention when they entered the 2004 Cleveland High School Rock Off where they impressed fans and judges alike and earned a coveted spot in the Final Exam. Since then, they have been playing shows throughout Cleveland and other cities such as Erie, PA. The band has also been featured in publications such as The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Sun Courier newspaper, and the Brecksville-Broadview Hts "Hybreeze." The Moms have also played at events such as the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, and events for their local school district and community churches, reflecting their universal appeal. The Ska-ker Moms are currently working on their highly anticipated first full legnth, "Running On Empty," expected out in early 2005.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
NO!!!!! we do play shows infront of people, but we're usually dead.
Your musical influences
Reel Big Fish, Sublime, Aquabats, Mustard Plug, Planet Smashers, Catch 22, Streetlight Manifesto, anything ska really, punk, random jazz and classical stuff Scott and Jacob listen to
What equipment do you use?
John- Gibson Flying V, Squier Strat w. Seymour Duncan pickups, Fender Princeton 65 amp Trevor- Fender J-Bass Peavey 115 TKO amp planet wave chords Jacob - a really big boner Brian- a slightly smaller boner (hence high pitched screaming) Ricky- boy scout bugle lost in an accident with a deer while going well under the posted speed limit on a flat dry road. Scott- Yamaha PSR-730 keyboard, shiny trumpet, xtreme tallness Dan- He bangs John's sister ('s drums)
Anything else?
Hazing? We banned it!
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