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Stargazer 21
Stargazer 21
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Welcome to the poetics of space in the dream of time. Herein are quasi-mystical, spacious tableaux of inspiration using electron guitar, synths, etc. Enjoy
It is like being thrown into the mix of spacetime and fumbling your way into a synthesis of Dreams and you're dreaming; until something unlocks keys with better and bigger Doors... It's really no wonder, but all of it of Wonder In youth I received strange, immense impressions of awe and wonder about the universe and life as we all do, but they grew larger and deeper with time until I was compelled to write. Much later I had to put it to music somehow, which brings me here and now. It makes me do this. You do what you must and then they will know why... It's surreal; and so real So, from the hearts of Supernovae to a theatrical planet near... You
Band/artist history
No band no history, but awe and penetration
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Occasionally, and an intensely personal experience. I begin, it takes over and 'plays'. An ineffable energy is evoked that still mystifies me--'improvising' life is as electric as sex, but far more mystifying. I am still comprehending it. Some notes can be found at: reverbnation.com/stargazer21
Your musical influences
Life, Bernard Hermann soundtracks to old movies (especially to "The Day The Earth Stood Still" (1951), the original "Twilight Zone" (B. Hermann often did the music) and "Outer Limits," Nature, Time and Space, birds, the wind, early Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream, John McLaughlin, Hendrix, Robin Trower, Fripp, some metal, Type O Negative, industrial sounds, dreams, the Wind, but mostly my imagination (and early Pink Floyd a la "Saucerful of Secrets" and "Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun").
What equipment do you use?
Electric guitar/effects!, synths, drum machines, TASCAM 4-track and digital 8-track recorders, Akai 16 Track recorder. No software or computers used whatsoever.
Anything else?
Let the music take you on your own unique journey.......The Mystery is Everything, and we are witnessing it for a short time...don't become too insensitive to it: we are from the hearts of supernovae and Black Holes helped form the galaxies...dig it
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