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YoungTalentedDedicatedDominican recording artist straight out of Washington Heights.
Marvin's Room - C.A.S.H
When I was born, I lived in a lot of different parts of my neighborhood. The thing that all these places I lived in had in common was that they were all in Dyckman. Most of my life I grew up in Dyckman with my mother, my father, and my grandmother. When I started going to school, my mom put me in a Catholic School for Pre-K and Kindergarten. There I started to read the bible and study the catholic religion in which my father side of the family took serious. Sometime in 1999, my grandfather (my mother's father) passed away. When he passed away, we went to D.R (Dominican Republic) to have his funeral over there and also bury him. Few months later after he was buried, my dad spent so much money on that burial that he didn't have enough left in the bank to bring all of us back to New York, so when the school year started, I had no choice but to stay and go to school in D.r for first and second grade. I ended up staying over there for 3 years. When I came back in 2003, I realized that we weren't living in Dyckman anymore. Instead, we were living in the Bronx now. My mom always told me it was because the rent was cheaper in the Bronx than in Manhattan something like that. Even though we were living in the Bronx, we would always find out way to go to Dyckman to hang out or for a visit. My hardest challenge came when the school year started and I started going to school in New York again in the 3rd grade. 3 years in D.R, which is a Spanish speaking country, can make you forget you even know English. Kids use to laugh at me because I couldn't pronounce a word right, or I couldn't read the simplest words, or I coudln't even write correctly. With the help of my aunt that was living with me when I came back from D.R, in 3 months those same kids that were laughing at me were always asking me for help. I started to get 90's on every one of my classes, passing all my tests, I was even voted class president. It was when I was 14 years old that I started came up with th idea of being a rapper. Since I use to practically be the smartest boy in class, I would finish the work earlier then others and instead of being bored staring into space, I grabbed out my red and white spyro rhyme book that I had and wrote down whatever came to my mind. I also use to write with my best friend William (Suave) and my cousin Yelsin (formally known as Domepiece). We use to get beats from the internet, put them on a cd, play them on Suave's radio system and write to them. We also use to practice by battling each other in a cypher. That was the goal for us 3 (Cash Flow use to be my artist name until I found out there was a well known artist from Harlem with the same name), to make to the rap game and demolish it. We were called " Trilo-G Flow ". Everybody in the block and most of the people on the internet loved our music because it was good and also because we were the young bar spittaz of the future lol. We was down with a crew called Fami Flow Inc, along with Notez and Muzika El Productor. The studio was located wherever there was a pc with Fruity Loops and a mic. As the years went by, a lot of things started to change. Yelsin stopped making music because he decided to focus on basketball, so it was only me and Suave left in the group. When me and Suave were the ones still doing music together, we weren't taking music as serious as we wanted too. Next thing you know me and Suave stopped making music for a few months for no reason. The time that I spent without making music were a very down point in my life. I never had anything to do, didn't know what to do with myself, was focused on making other people's lifes better then focusing on mine, and was to lazy to go back to doing whatever I had to do. I look back at all the time I wasted doing nothing and is very frustating but at the same time motivates me. I know if I would've been on my grind since day 1 I would've been further in my career then where I am now. One thing I learned while going through those hard times is wherever you are in life, you earned yourself a passport to be there. Frustration use to always run my emotions when I use to think about my problems. I felt like the opposite person that I really am: an underachiever, talk to talk but don't walk the talk, and a looser. Until 1 day I really thought about, and said to myself " If I don't step up now and get on my s***, and keep letting things/people distract me from what I have to do, I'm never going to be what I want to be in life ". So I started coming to the studio more often, and got down with the label that I'm in now (Shadow Diamondz Ent.), along side Fix, who also was my label mate in Fami Flow Inc. Ever since I got down with the label, I've learned a lot and also got more motivated then what I already was before I got there. I also learned how to make beats, and now I'm learning how to mix on Pro Tools so I can record my own songs wherever and whenever. I'm starting my own label under Shadow Diamondz Ent., which is called Swagg Money Inc. So be on the look out for a lot of good music coming from me and also from my label. #SWAG !
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet.
Your musical influences
Notorious B.I.G , Eminem , Canibus , Lloyd Banks , Big L , Big Pun , Nas , Jay-Z .
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools, Fruity Loops 9
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