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PugSport Challenge
PugSport Challenge
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Collection of supporters of PugSport Challenge Tournaments. Not limited to any genre, good music comes in all sounds.
PugSport Challenge, the challenge this time is simple to an artist... - Produce a voluntary promotional mp3 track 45-60seconds - Make sure the lyrics and the beat represents the best you have - Your theme is: PugSport Challenge Events or Fighters - Your attack is your choice, u have full creative authority, but do it for the radio If you get approved, we'll play your song as our promotion on the radio, in your city if u choose, get heard by an audience and we'll tell u the reaction, its a win win situation. This Challenge doesn't apply to only one type of sound, its unlimited what people can think up, if you think you have a nice concept... record it, share it, and if we like it we will share with our national FB and Twitter network. Are you up for the PugSport MUSIC Challenge?
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When u make a PugSport Challenge themed track and its approved, we'll play your track on the radio, right now were promoting in a large way in Philly, but by Fall 2005 you'll have the chance to get heard all over the east coast. If you wanna make a track and get heard in your city, lets talk.
Your musical influences
Personally we like music that cant be ignored... hyper something that exemplifies the adrenaline rush of extreme and pounding heartbeat, something with motive, something relentless that can be motivation for training or prefight focus... but we have a wide appreciation for music, and we love the collaboration of various kinds of music... we are always surprised by the creativity of artists... Impress us!
What equipment do you use?
Pugilists use their fists and kicks in order to win, but for the PugSport Sound Challenge its ideas formed into verbal masterpieces into a mic that brings victories. We all have our weapons and tactics.
Anything else?
PugSport Challenge is back, with a relentless national campaign. To pre-register call us (800) 920-0811!