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Dialect AKA Will Kill 4 MONEY
Dialect AKA Will Kill 4 MONEY
34 Tracks
Smooth flow with meaningful rhymes, A nice blend of true hip hop music and the feel of a nice mainstream song. Some experimental tracks, world might not be read
Whats good people, its ya bou Dialect aka WillKill4Money. I got a goal to bring hip hop music back, I got my man Dj Soz on the vinyl to assist on the mission. Aswell as the support of the local artist, those who feature on my songs, and a following of listeners who believe in ME and MY MUSIC. I am a Lyricist/Producer/Engineer. Been doin this thing awhile now... Check me out, and add me on myspace @ myspace.com/willkillsmusic
Band/artist history
I wrote my first rhyme @ age 13 in 2000. I didnt realy get into writin on a regular basis till a year later tho. I started recordin @ age 15 in 2002 with a few other local artist. I released my 1st cd, "Point Blank" in the same year. After "Point Blank" I worked on a Mixtape hosted by Dj Gerranamo, "The Mixtape Vol. 1 SFX". Than in 2003 I released my 2nd cd, "The Rebirth". After gettin' into the battle scene, I was featured as the main artist on Dj Madd Quiks mixtape "The Dot Com", a compilation of battle tracks and different songs from artist around the net, in 2004. In 2005, I was on the mixtape "Trailer Park Trash Vol. 2" hosted by King Arthur the Engineer. I fell back for awhile and wrote and began makin beats in 2006, than in 2007 I released my 3rd cd "Hip-Hop Legend:Rap Phenomenon", my only double album to date. In 2008 I was paired wit Jwoodz, as the group 2Smooth, we released a cd, "Da Come Up'. Things aint work out between us, so in 2009 I released yet another solo cd, "Urban Inspiration", I produced 16 of 20 beats on the cd. Currently I am workin on my new mixtape, hosted by Dj Soz and Dj SicAzAids, "Not Another Mixtape Vol. 1", mixtape will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on June 4th 2010... Chck It OUt...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea of course, all artist gotta get out there. I done shows in MD and VA, and I love every second of it, there is nothin like being in front of a crowd of people who support wat your doin...
Your musical influences
my daughter is a huge musical influence after she was born is when i realized i should be rapping about what i feel and not about what every one else is rapping about...
What equipment do you use?
MXL 2003 Studio Condensor Mic and Shock Mount,On-Stage Stands Pop Blocker Flange and gooseneck mic stand, Hercules Dj Control MP3, Cool Edit Pro 2, Reason 3, Recycle 2, FL Studio 8XXL Producers Edition, Sony MDR-V150 Dynamic Stereo Headphones, Bose Monitor Speakers, M-Audio MobilePre USB Audio Interface, M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2, Akia MPD16, Alesis MultiMix8 USB, Numark DM 1002MKII, Technics SL-D2
Anything else?
please take the time to check out all the hot links below... Any intrested in doin' a collab or featuring me on thier mixtape... email me and let me know. willkill4money@hotmail.com
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