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cream of beats
cream of beats
9 Tracks
The soul is back in Detroit. Hip-hop inspired from the ol-school with new flavor.
Cream.of.Beats Produced By Roxstar
Band/artist history
1998: Bought an ASR-X and 2 turntables. The ASR completely made me hate producing, so I put my attention to the turntables, and learned how to scratch from the X-ecutioners, and skratchpiklz. 2000: This is where I really started producing. Got the MPC and listened to many different producers. I learned by myself, and with the help of God. :)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Only when the Dj plays my music for me.
Your musical influences
Real musicians. I listen to everything, from Mozart to Mega Death.
What equipment do you use?
Anything old, broken, or simple to use. I don't like over glorified gear that can fry eggs, toast bread, and do a bunch of stuff that I'll hardly ever take advantage of. Give me an MPC, turntable, any keyboard, and a 110 voltpower supply and I'll make something happen.
Anything else?
This is a second job and not a hobby anymore, so I don't give away free tracks. You don't work for free, and neither do I. If you listen to some real hip-hop nowadays, you will notice more attention is put on the producer, and less on the MC (Little brother, Slum village for example). If you want beats, pay for em, or be left behind. REAL PRODUCERS DON'T NEED MC'S ANYMORE, BUT MC'S ALWAY NEED PRODUCERS. Rememba dat!
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