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KILLeRS-A Tribute To Classic Alice Cooper
KILLeRS-A Tribute To Classic Alice Cooper
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SPIDERS AND SNAKES ARE KILLeRS ~ A Tribute To Classic Alice Cooper
Billion Dollar Babies
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"Killers" is an Arizona-based tribute band to Alice Cooper. Comprised of professional musicians who are heavily influenced by Alice Cooper's music, "Killers" delivers its attack with high energy and passion. Celebrating and Performing music of the Alice Cooper Group era! Fronted by the legendary Lizzie Grey
Band/artist history
Formed in April of 2002, "KILLeRS" are the ultimate theatrical tribute to the originator of shock rock himself, Alice Cooper. Performing Classic songs of the Alice Cooper Group era! Fronting the band is Alice Cooper look-alike, the legendary Lizzie Grey. Not only does Lizzie look like Alice, he also has the trademark growl and sneer to go with it. Onstage Lizzie captures all of Alice's mannerisms and is every bit as evil as the man himself. The rest of the musicians are all talented in their own right. Spearheading the guitar attacks are "KILLeRS" very own Mike Randolph and John Neptune. This is arguably the strongest and tightest combination ever seen in a tribute band as both guitarist trade solos and know how to bring out the best in Alice's music. On bass is Marty Haviik. Marty is a very solid bass player with an excellent stage presence, who relishes the more technical songs in Alice Cooper's repertoire. Drummer Mark Bolen completes the musical line up. Mark has played with various bands over the years, thus bringing vast experience, and a solid rhythmic pattern into the band. At this moment, you may be thinking "Hey!, doesn't Alice put on a fantastic theatrical show as well"? The answer is yes, and do "KILLeRS" put on a fantastic theatrical show? The answer to that is yes again! Keep your eyes open as "KILLeRS" will be performing at a city near you!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Anywhere and Everywhere!
Your musical influences
Lizzie Grey "London", "Ultra Pop", and "Spiders and Snakes" (and as featured in the Motley Crue autobiography "The Dirt") Marty Haviik Bass "Ash Black", "Rattlesnake Kings", "Street Gypsy", "Spiders and Snakes", and SANGRONEZ Mark Bolen Drums"Noyz Toyz", "Street Gypsy", "Spiders and Snakes" Mike Randolph Guitars "The Crue", "Psycho Gypsy, "Guitar Mike", "Spiders and Snakes" Johnny Neptune Guitars/ Keyboards "Street Gypsy", "Spiders and Snakes", "Ash Black"
What equipment do you use?
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Beer!
Anything else?
SPIDERS AND SNAKES ARE "KILLeRS A Tribute To Classic Alice Cooper"