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Mystere Jones has a universal & versatile rap style which leads most people to think he is from the South, Midwest & West coast. Covering Hip Hop, R&B, Reg
Mystere is of Jamaican heritage, born in Bkyn N.Y. His first interest in music goes back to the early age of 5 Growing up in the 90s section of Brooklyn. In 91 Mystere did his first independent record with Rockiem aka "ROCK DA GUARD"(2B) on Espionage records. First major "love spin" on NY radio "WBLS", by KID CAPRI (92). In 93 Mystere along with Rock connected with PEE WEE KIRKLAND recording a single for The Beatles rap project for MJJ Music (Michael Jackson) along with MOS DEF (Y.T.D.), YZ ,etc. In The mid to later 90s Mystere sold thousands of records over seas through BIG DADDY MUSIC DISTRIBUTION under the name:SKEMEN INC. Over the years he has done a number of independent projects and has colaborated with many of producers and artist, such as POKE from TrackMasters, FRANK NITTY, DELITE (of 2000 watts music- NOW GHETTO POP), HURRICAINE G, MONIE LOVE, MIKE GEE (Jungle brothers), Boot Camp Click, PERSIA(VH1-White rapper show) & MONA LISA AKA SHY (from The Flavor Of Love 3-VH1), And MARIA DOYLE KENNEDY (From the hit SHOWTIME series TUDORS).... just to name a few. The list goes on and on. He is probably best known for his contribution to the HBO Pimps up Hoes down project. He appeared on 2 songs on the soundtrack released on Phat on Dat Records. Mystere is also featured on the 2B project: "Relationships Life and Music", released independently by "DA NOE DOE NETWORK". And featured on the National release "Dedication" By 2B available on Nyce/EMI. Mystere co starred in the Independent film HOOD BOOGAS featuring new music from his current LP/CD "TRUE PLAYA" and at the same time landed a part in the upcoming film "THE TROUBLE WITH CALI" Directed by Paul Sorvino("GOOD FELLAS") and written by Amanda Sorvino. Mystere is definetly 1 to watch! LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW SINGLE "BODY ROCKIN Distributed Digitaylly thru TEAM MASHN/ UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP May peace be with U! "NOE DOE NOE DOUBT!"
Band/artist history
Started out as a group (Skemen) doing group projects then branched off as a solo artist.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do shows all over the map. Big or small venues, clubs or lounges, garages or parking lots.
Your musical influences
I'm inspired by music from all over the world. I started out as a DJ!
What equipment do you use?
industry standard
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