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I'm a independent artist no duplication there has and will be 1 me.
Just like a butterfly Nydiah Rivers spread her wings and managed to fly away to a life one would have never thought to be at that time. Born in Mountpelier, VA. Raised by her grandmother Katie she was brought up along with 3 of her cousins and her Aunt also lived in the house hold. This is where she called home from birth , her mother leaving due to personal situations, and being that her father was giving a life term sentence for 1st degree murder . It was left up to her grandmother to support her threw her youngest years, still by the age of 7 she also found home in Richmonds ( Southside ) And by age 14 found herself living back and forth from Mountpelier to Richmond, staying for short periods of time at different house holds of her mother and grandmothers. At age 17, MisUndastood aka NyDiah Rivers had hit the streets harder than before , befriending at this time two other females who turned her on to what running the streets really could mean. Riding with neighbor hood dope boys and a lot of certified street runners, she quickly picked up on street hustles and all the things that came with it, at the same time she saw in herself that she always had a deep passion for HipHop, Rap Music, Poetry, and the expression of ones soul. ( Metaphorically )speaking Misunderstood keep what she called her black book . Where mentally she began to form her own style as an Artist MC / Entertainer . In year 2008 after previously being introduced to the studio recording scene and the live performance of Artist. She decided she wanted in. Taking the identity of Misundastood she began the pursuit of her carrier. In 2008 She was only able to record a small number of recording /songs due to the short business relationship of her Management team . Not all being bad from the relationship Misundastood was able to leave to situation with a few of her recordings, still in part to life situations Misundastood was forced to put Entertainment to the side and peruse other legal forms of income. In the year of 2012 Misundastood meet J.Ridge owner of ClubNightEnt Management /Advertisement . J.Ridge instantly could see the super star personality within Misunderstood and not knowing any past knowledge addressed his want to pursue an entertainment carrier with Misundastood. After the presentation of the services that ClubNightEnt / J.Ridge could offer she agreed to allow J.Ridge to manage her official entry into the world of music presentation . Misundastood is now working on her freshman RapMixTape day view , which will be followed by promotional material , name branding , and marketing. With the marketing execution of her management team Misundastood will grace all lovers of Entertainment with the most unique design ever by this industry.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course, Clubs, events,parties, shows,graduation any thing any place anytime any where always on call
Your musical influences
Pattie,Mary.J,DRAKE,Biggie,2-pac,aaliyah.trey songs
What equipment do you use?
pro tool ,Fruity loops the most
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