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K'Love (US)
K'Love (US)
12 Tracks
K'Love is a Christian Rapper from Ft. Worth, Texas. At the age of 9 K'Love began rapping, though it wasn't until the age of 20 he decided to give his Life to Christ and dedicate a talent giving to him by God to spread the Word of God. "It was crazy how it happen, I mean I was into the world with know thoughts of getting to know God, I mean I went to church but never honestly wanted to know God." It wasn't until K'Love did a summer session at Navarro College (were he spent more time partying and playing than actually doing his work) were he met a young man By the name of Claude Henderson, who witness an introduced him to a rapper by the name of KJ-52. "I mean every thing that could go wrong in his Life went wrong, they told him no, that he couldn't do it, but he never quit, and had a faith I never seen for God. But it wasn't until he made the football team at ETBU(East Texas Baptist University). I watched him everyday put blood, sweat, and tears into this sport. I would think to myself is it worth all that, and to him it was." When K'Love was suspended from the College because of issues with his grades he went home were he had issues with his father and realized that the world was a cruel place. " I couldn't help but to wonder how did Claude deal with issues with no problem, I mean he had no family, friends were phony to him and he dealt with it, than I thought God man I should ready get to know him, So I did. I began to read pray and just try to grow close as I could to God, and little by little my life started to fall back into place. Me and my father was back on good terms, I enrolled back into school, and I was finally doing music were I didn't have to be little women and be a shame to let my Mother and Grandmother hear. Its been a Long walk but I still have a lot of road left in front of me, but with God on my side and the love of my family I'll be alright." While listening to this Young man of God Music I can feel the Love and Passion K'Love has for God, and His desire to not only serve but to create other Young Disciples of Christ, so I ask that you take the time to listen and receive the message he has to say through his music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I perform Live, mainly at Local churches, School Events, Park Events, and I love every moment of it. My first performance was special, I remember meeting Pastor G. and He invited me to his church and the whole church was loving I never seen so many young Kids deeply in Loved with Christ...
Your musical influences
KJ-52, Lecrae, Trip Lee, I mean really all of reach records got me to the stable, humble, and righteous man I am now.
Anything else?
I hope my music will touch your heart as it has mine Love...
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