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Timeless Classic Recordings UK
Timeless Classic Recordings UK
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We are a pair of musical individuals, together we both make up a music production team called 'Timeless Classics' which has the likes of BlinkieUK (Producer) an
Smasher - Heartbeat
Timeless Classics is a team dedicated to making good music, music in which everyone can dance to and enjoy. For a few years now we have been watching the industry change and feel now is the time to take advantage of our production skills and flood the mainstream with our collaborations and single releases. Our aim is to bag a decent Publishing deal and get ourselves out into the Industry. The team is made up of two individuals, this is BlinkieUK (Producer) and Phantom (Sound Engineer) and together they run Timeless Classics the production team. Already boasting a portfolio working with the likes of Tinie Tempah, Ruff Squad and Nu Brand Flexxx, Oh, I forgot to mention Bluey Robinson and J Warner.
Band/artist history
To long to explain, just know you are left with the best.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Because we are producers we don't play live but we have been apart of a lot of things in regards to being apart of the Rick Ross opening show (Produced by us) and also working with a lot of signed artists and producing for them. Our collective have been involved in a few video shoots ranging from Devlin and Bluey robinson, so we have a strong network.
Your musical influences
The UK Industry which is booming right now, massive shout out to people like Bluey Robinson and Tinie Tempah holding up the UK scene.
What equipment do you use?
Lots of different things!