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Eden Proxy
Eden Proxy
8 Tracks
We are rock with alternative structures but not alternative lifestyles
Burgeoning from the throes of the present day and constantly searching for an earthly Valhalla, Eden Proxys maxim is that true delight comes from perservering through the throngs and dolor of life. Through that philosophy, the artistic expression of the senses and pure emotion that emanate from life's throngs display earthly perfection via imperfection. Thus, composing a melody requires a high level of sense stimulation. Be it blissful or tragic, only a truly great song originates from there. Then to perform and/or listen is the act of witnessing life's beauty, such as viewing a master painting or reading a great novel. It is our experience of art and what we absorb from it that brings meaning to life. By proxy, that is eden. First developed in 2001, under the name Rive Blue Eyes, Eden Proxy has seen character changes as the band has evolved over the years. Yet one thing remains a constant: The brilliant song-writing skills and talents of frontman Kelly Lingus. Through his vision of sharing life experience through melody, harmony and rhythm, Lingus strives to do so by writing all his own lyrics and melodies. Aptly putting it, A painter who replicates other paintings can only be, at the very highest, a good painter. But to be great, you must put your fear aside and brush with the heart, with whats really inside. Youll find theres a lot more than Candy-Coated Pop-Culture garbage thats fed to you and regurgitated ad nauseam in there than you thought. Applying all he has learned through years of observing the great musicians he has surrounded himself with, (others might call that self-taught) Lingus and Eden Proxy mix layers of guitars, synthesizers and piano as well as complex yet melodic rhythm section pieces to vocal lines that are seamlessly balanced by profound, witty lyrics and catchy yet advanced melodic and harmonic lines. There is more of a thought process that goes into each song, rather than the overall sound of the band; something Lingus sees as restricting and cage-minded. One track may sound highly influenced by R&B or 60s Soul while another track from the same album may sound very close to So-Cal Punk Rock. What ties it all together is the philosophy as described by the lyrics of each song they have written as well as that pure and distinguished voice, untainted by tone & pitch effects, prefect in its imperfections.
Band/artist history
We've gone through some band members mostly due to time commitment issues but through it all we're still here writing, performing and blogging!
Your musical influences
anyone who can write and perform with great musical ability. it takes time, work and experience. not anyone can just pick up a guitar and start writing bullshit. 90% of the time, your life stories mean jack shit to anyone. write about something interesting and make it interesting to listen to...for the love of god!
What equipment do you use?
DW drums, Zildjian cymbals, ProMark sticks, DW/Remo heads, Fender guitars, Fender basses, M-Audio keyboards and engineering equipment, Fender, Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps, Ernie Ball strings, Dunlap picks, Ludwig snare dums
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