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It's dark and sad (for the most part). I try and innovate by mixing things together which most artists don't. Come check it out if you want something differen
Its just me. If you are in the mood for some punk, please listen to my friends music.
Band/artist history
Well I started with "remixing" midis. The only problem was all I had was a MIDI editor, so I just changed the instruments around, maybe a few notes here or there. Eventually I stumbled upon some new programs, and ended up with FL Studio. There, I made most of the music on this site as of the end of November. Recently, I purchased a Korg EMX-1 as you probably know. Now I use a hybrid method with the Korg and FL Studio. I also am learning how to DJ on tables, and perform live. After that, I have purchased much better software.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played my first live gig November 19th, at CoD. I opened up for the dance and played for a full hour. Everything was done off the korg, but next time, I am bringing my computer and performing live with it and the Korg.
Your musical influences
Well I dont try and let things influence me. In all honesty though, I like to take Hip Hop Beats, Techno synths, and all sorts of unrelated stuff and throw them together, to try and make something innovative. But for the search engines, i need to throw in keywords, so heres some things that give me vague ideas: JPop, Techno, Hip Hop, DnB, Video Game music, Nintendo Music, Funky stuff, dance, russian pop, Japense rock, sad songs from movies, and all sorts of stuff. Music is a large part of everyday life, and its important to listen to see what others are doing and try to innovate and do what they arent doing, but should be. I've been told I have a nine inch nails feel.
What equipment do you use?
My trusty blazing fast computer and my Korg EMX-1. FL Studio makes a great DXi.
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