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Bethledeign has changed from a Melodic Death to a melodic death/Black metal hybrid all it's own. The older, recorded material is available here and at our site
Besieged by Night
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We're a 5 piece death metal band from Northern VA. We've been around for 2 years but are only just starting to break into the metal world with live shows and merch.
Band/artist history
Bethledeign started out as two guitarists, Dan and Phil, writing and learning songs for fun in the Summer of 2001. After a couple of months, when some original ideas were in place, Dan and Phil were introduced to the soon to be drummer, Ron. Although not expecting much, Ron agreed to jam a couple of times and see what happened. Impressed with the original material, practices began, and a band began to form. During this time, the song 'Legions' was written, amongst two others. After the songs had been written, the band decided it was time to record a demo. As a result, Bethledeign had there first demo engineered by Waiting Room Studios of Centreville, Virginia in April of 2002. The demo was never released, but was never intended for release. The original recording consisted of Dan on vocals and guitar, Phil on guitar, Ron on drums, and Dan playing the bass. Dan played bass because at the current time, Bethledeign did not have a bass player. This was fine, however, for the demo served as a tool for feedback, minor promotion, and to hear what the music would sound like as a recorded entity. Bethledeign received much praise and feedback from friends and others through their mp3.com site, and personal distribution of the demo. Taking heed of the feedback Bethledeign continued to write more material. During the following months the band practiced for a good two times a week writing. The band was also in the process of looking for a bass player and entertaining the idea of trying a new singer. During these months the band wrote numerous songs in various forms of Death Metal. The songs were remeniscent of bands like Vader, Hate Eternal, Amon Amarth, In Flames, and Immortal. Gradually through writing a mass of scattered material, Bethledeign came to realize the songs didn't fit together. As a result, the band decided to follow a more melodic sound influenced by Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, and the old In Flames. During the writing process of the new songs, two of the songs from the demo were changed. By August 2002 a majority of the songs were musically intact, and lyrics were starting to fall into place. At the end of August, the band was approached by a friend from highschool in regards to singing for the band. Bethledeign tried him out, and thought the vocal style fit the music very well. Within a week Jon had joined the lineup as the new frontman, and Dan took on backing vocals. More practices took place and six songs were completed. By December, the band had decided it was time to record again, and called up Waiting Room studios. A new six-song LP entitled 'An Iliad of Woes' was recorded in early January 2003 with five originals and a cover of Carcass's 'Corporal Jigsore Quandary'. Shortly after completion of the new recording, another addition of Ed was made to the lineup. Bethledeign now had a bass player and were a complete band, ready to play shows and get the word out. As with most bands, Bethledeign continued to expand on their musicality, technicallity, and personal style. After months of regular practicing, a new musical style started to form, completely of their own. It mantained the harmonies frfom the bands beginnings, but steadily became more aggressive with every new song. Lots of blast beats mixed in with headbang-inducing rhythms started to create a Black metal-Death metal hybrid. The music began to convey a lot more compelling ferocity, intricate harmonies, and infectious rhythms. Seeing where the band has progressed, they've moved themselves from the ordinary 'Melodic metal' towards a more 'Death metal with melodic influence'. Bethledeign has plans for recording a full length (9-10 songs, roughly), with an exciting new line up that reflects the expanding brutality, and musicality of the band. Press packets are also in the works.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play live but mostly local until further notice.
Your musical influences
Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Amon Amarth, Marduk, Vader, Aborted, Behemoth, Immortal, etc.
What equipment do you use?
Half stacks. Marshall TSL-1000 and Peavey 5150. Hartke Bass amp, pearl Drumset.