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Mellowtonin is a psychadelic-progressive rock act from Concord, NC.
is a psychadelic-classic rock project from Concord, NC with influences dabbling in progressive-psychadelic rock, folk music, and even electronica and hiphop at times. Containing lone member Dylan Bennick, Mellowtonin has released two demo EPs - 2009's and 2010's .
Band/artist history
I started really doing the Mellowtonin stuff back in late '08-early '09. I had been writing mostly electric stuff until then for other bands I was occupied with. Pretty much, all of the original ideas and takes for Acoustic Musings came to me in under a week or so. I just had a spurt of inspiration (and alot of alcohol on hand) and just spit it out. Didn't rehearse, didn't write ahead, just bam - click track, go. Well, actually, that's a lie. I don't use a click track, and it shows. It was really sloppy, of course. I'd eventually go back and redo all the acoustic stuff - clean it up, add a bit, you know. I don't even think I still have the "originals" anymore. I might, but I honestly don't know. Anyways, time would pass, and I'd have new licks and chord progressions floating in here and there and I'd occasionally take time to just record bits and pieces - alot of which I just ended up getting rid of. Most of that would become the Golden Notes & Silver Tunes stuff. Some of that stuff is still incomplete - but alot of it, I went back after the initial recording and cleaned it up and rewrote it. Since that, I haven't really dont much, I don't have my equipment anymore and I'm constantly on the move and working the night shift.
Your musical influences
There's a whole lot of them. I'm inspired pretty heavily by classic rock in general, bands like Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Iron Butterfly, The Beatles, ect. Acoustic/Songwriter type stuff also played a huge role in inspiring me, even though I can't sing. The blues and the blues lifestyle inspired me big time. Psychadelic artwork played a role in shaping my sound, and then typical themes like life and death, good and evil, dark and light, all those inspired me as well on a musical and poetic level. Alot of my songs are named after poems I wrote years ago.
What equipment do you use?
For Acoustic Musings, I used a 1970-ish Bentley Acoustic passed down to me from my grandfather, as well as some laptop synths I can't recall. For Golden Notes & Silver Tunes - I used a Jackson RR3, with a 40 watt (iirc) Orange Amplifier and ran it through a soundcard where I used Amplitube 3 and GuitarRig to come up with tone and effects. For vocals on Euphoria - I just ran a mic through a guitar amplified connected to a phaser pedal with lots of distortion. Once I start pulling my paychecks, I'll be getting some new equipment.
Anything else?
I'm down to collab. I love all music genres and I'd love to start experimenting in other stuff, especially hiphop. I've produced bits and pieces here and there in the past, but I'd definately like to get back into it.
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