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Cage Heart Lion
Cage Heart Lion
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We love music. We write songs that can connect with everyone whether your a teen or adult. We just want to show the world what we can do.
Welcome All, All Are Welcome!!! Cage. Heart. Lion. is a pop-punk band hailing from Silver Spring, Maryland. On this site you can get to know some of the band members as well get an understanding how this band became to be. Please take the time to sign up on this site it's free! and become a fan. We would really appreciate it =). Check out one of our songs More Lice Less Hats! So stayed tuned for more updates! -Cage. Heart. Lion.
Band/artist history
You could say a wizard showed up on your doorsteps late at night. You could say you found out your a king in another world. But that isn't the case here. What started out as simple desire, became something much bigger. For Sean Alexander music was everything. So it was no surprise to him, when he decided to form a band completely out of nowhere. He then asked his good friend Marcus to be apart of the band, thus the two went out looking for other band members, which became easier than they thought. Stephen; a close friend with Sean & Marcus asked to be drummer. Marcus friend Nelson joined to be the Guitarist. All the pieces were together, they had a band. Of course, no band is complete without a name. The guys then used the name Cage. Heart. Lion. This band has a lot of styles mixed into one they will have audiences alike glued to their seats. With their deep meaningful lyrics, catchy tunes, and unorthodox titles Cage. Heart. Lion. is ready to show the world what they can do!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As of now, we don't play live since we kind of just got together a couple of months ago. We want to be very well prepared when we play live.
Your musical influences
We all listen to like Pop-Punk/Hardcore kind of music. But then at the same time we all have different taste for music; which can sometimes cause problems when trying to write a song so usually with mix different styles together.