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SK Is The Name
SK Is The Name
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Stanley S. Keets, Jr., known simply as SK, was born February 4, 1983, raised on the east side of Indianapolis, IN and is the youngest of six children. SK has al
Stanley S. Keets, Jr. (born February 4, 1983), better known by SK, is an artist born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis, IN. At the age of 16, SK joined his cousin, Trajik, and Conte to form the group the Raww Dawgz. The Raww Dawgz started with a pre-release of the album Murderous Poetry which was an instant success and was immediately followed by the official release of the album in 2001. Murderous Poetry gained the group a lot of credibility locally just by selling CDs out of their backpacks wherever there were people. SK, who was the oldest of the trio, decided to leave home and go to school at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, IN majoring in Math with an Art minor. While in college, SK never stopped writing but did not have the resources to get back and forth for studio sessions with the Raww Dawgz. While Trajik and Conte were at home with an even bigger buzz than before, SK was writing to improve his skills on a daily basis. SK met a few inspiring artists while in school and recorded a song with group called The Blacksmifs before deciding to come back home and attend school at IUPUI with a major in Mechanical Engineering. Indianapolis was where SK wanted to be but being surrounded by the things he is most familiar with kept him from being able to focus on school. SK dropped out of college and worked at the YMCA. SK decided to take up a longtime love for art, combine it with his love for cars, and attend Lincoln Technical Institute for Collision, Repair and Refinish. While there, SK met up with Kriptik and began to record music once again, this time as a solo artist. SK set up a studio in his apartment and completed the albums Raww Wit No Flawz, Somethin On The Side and Me Being Me, all of which was never publically distributed due to his lack of confidence to put out music alone. At the time, music was used as a way for SK to vent and stay at ease. SK was ready to make a career out of his music and signed on as an artist under the up and coming label Game Face Entertainment where he would once again be alongside Trajik. Immediately following the signing and thereafter, SK has been in the studio diligently working on new music. The first CD released by SK was a mixtape used as an introduction called In My Zone in January 2010 and months later the official album, Inferno, which has been receiving great feedback throughout the city, followed it with an August 2010 release. With the start of 2011, SK decided to depart from Game Face Entertainment but not before leaving behind a farewell project in collaboration with DJ Pimp Cee of the Greatest DJs, entitled End Of The Beginning: The Greatest Edition. Leaving Game Face Entertainment was one of the hardest decisions SK had to make but after deep thought processing, SK knew that it was exactly what needed to happen in order to create his own musical direction. SK has learned the business and has signed himself as a solo artist and as one-half of B.F.A.M. with Kriptik under the newly released label, Divine Mind Entertainment Group. With the talent SK possesses, the music will be sure to show his lyrical growth as the time passes. SK has performed amongst the best in his city and is looking forward to perform with the best in all cities. SK has projects lined up as a solo artist as well as the BFAM projects, not to mention the many collaborations with other artists. With the path SK is on, it will only be a matter of time before he has touched the minds of the world.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to play live and I will play anywhere I'm able to. Right now, the special moment for me was at my album release party August 2010 when I gave a concert-like performance with a band.
Your musical influences
I like all music... So for me, all music influences me. Other than that, I'm mostly influenced by what I know and what I'm learning.
What equipment do you use?
All I need is God, My voice and a mic... And I would prefer a live band.