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A solo musician from Christchurch, New Zealand, specialising in electronic music of most kinds.
Arise (Part II)
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The Empire Has Fallen
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Ticket to the Cold War
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n-Somnia - Cruise Zone
THE EARLY YEARS (1999 to 2007) For most of his life, n-Somnia (born Jared Rowbotham, 4 April 1981) has been musical. His love of music came as early as the age of 3, while he was being cared for by his sisters. Both of which introduced various kinds of music to him when they invaded the stereo system while their parents were at work. His musical adventures didn't take flight until high school, when he started taking guitar lessons in 1995. He eventually joined his first band, Supertrip in 1997, and stayed with them for about a year and a half, joining a new band (Driftwood) in the process. For another year and a half (1999-2000) he stayed with Driftwood (while also playing in a second band called Kerf├╝ [pronounced "curfew"]). During this time period, n-Somnia composed his first full-length song away from the bands, with the help of one of his Driftwood bandmates, Darren Roverts. That song was "Red Alert". After remixing "Red Alert" sometime in the year 2000, n-Somnia temporarily exited the music scene for over a year. During this period there were some signs of music-making, but nothing big enough for any major impact. Finally in 2002, n-Somnia returned to music-making with the creation of a track called "Eliminator". The track was originally used as a part of an assignment for a music course he was attending at the time, when he realised its potential. It was this song that helped him go back to what he does best. Along side of "Eliminator" came the creation of "Electronica", which was used for the same assignment. After a lot of thought, he took them home to work further on the sounds he had discovered. Shortly after this, he discovered the ways of sharing music over the Internet. His first attempts at getting noticed appeared on MP3.com and BeSonic.com. The latter eventually becoming the location of n-Somnia's biggest success in November 2002. After releasing "Red Alert", "Eliminator", "Electronica" and a few other tracks, n-Somnia released "Robot Lover From Mars". This was his most successful track, as it reached #1 on one of BeSonic's many online charts. The song was accompanied by a different version called "Robot Lover Reprise". When 2003 came along, n-Somnia tried to be as successful as he was in the end of 2002 by releasing a song called "Once More". Unfortunately, since it was an incomplete recording, the response was not what he'd hoped, and it flopped. As a result of this, n-Somnia took a year off. Eventually in 2004, he made a comeback with such songs as "Toy Store", "Starlifter" and "Desert Scorn" (the latter was eventually adopted into n-Somnia's other project, Kingrow in 2006). The success was better than "Once More", but not enough to recapture what "Robot Lover From Mars" had. After this brief comeback, n-Somnia took another break to focus on his new project, Kingrow. After a lot of thinking, it was announced that n-Somnia would become a retired project, as he decided to focus on Kingrow. However, as a way of saying goodbye, he released a couple remix versions of "Eliminator". A compilation album was then made available in 2007, simply titled "n-Somnia" with all the highlights of his short career as a solo artist. Since retiring as n-Somnia, he has been working with Kingrow (since 2004), recording music for Supertrip (2007 to 2008), and doing work as a comedian for Ducksel Comedy under the alias "Duckman". THE RETURN (2010 to present day) It was a well-kept secret, but one that was in Jared's mind for quite some time. But by the time 2010 came along, it was decided that n-Somnia shall be reborn. Not even his fellow Kingrow co-founder, Weasel, saw this one coming. In the later months of 2010, Jared started composing a series of instrumentals that didn't really fit the Kingrow sound. He didn't feel it would've been right to contribute it towards his other music project, The Human Race, either. Instead, he felt that it had more of an n-Somnia feel to it. This was enough encouragement to revive the project. However, in order to surprise the fans, Jared kept it quite low - and succeeded. Eventually, in February 2011, a full-length album - and technically the first by n-Somnia - called "The Awakening" was ready for mass-production. However, in the wake of its completion, disaster struck. On February 22nd, Jared's home city of Christchurch was in another state of emergency as a result of a shallow 6.3 magnitude earthquake (much more devastating than the 7.1 quake from September 4, 2010). Mass production of physical copies of this album was therefore cancelled. But this didn't rule out the digital release of the album on April 24th. The future of n-Somnia, in spite of natural disasters, seems to be positive. It was announced by Jared that n-Somnia was here to stay, even if the rate he releases new material isn't as frequent as the early years. It's like it was said in the early years. With n-Somnia returning to the music scene, music really doesn't sleep.
Band/artist history
1999 to 2000 - First batch of songs created at a music course. The first single, "Red Alert", is made during this era. 2002 - The songs "Eliminator" and "Electronica" are made on another music course, triggering the n-Somnia project. More songs follow. November 2002 - "Robot Lover From Mars" is created and released. December 2002 - "Robot Lover From Mars" reaches #1 on one of BeSonic.com's various music charts. 2003 - A song called "Once More" is released before completion. It flops. n-Somnia project takes a break. 2004 - A brief comeback includes the songs "Toy Store" and "Starlifter". Another hiatus period begins as a result of a new music project, Kingrow. 2006 - Hiatus is over, but only to announce the retirement of n-Somnia. Two remixes of "Eliminator" are made as a farewell gift. 2007 - A self-titled online compilation is released on n-Somnia's website. 2010 - The n-Somnia project secretly makes a comeback after new songs are created. February 2011 - The new songs are completed, and n-Somnia's comeback is announced, along with news of the first album, "The Awakening". April 2011 - "The Awakening" and its lead single, "Revolt!" are released. May 2011 - A promo track, "Love Parade (My House is Your House and Your House is Mine)" is made available as a free download, and is a dedication to those involved in the Loveparade movement in Europe. This song does not feature on "The Awakening". However, the album's second single, "Rainforest" is released this month. June 2011 - The album's third single, "Bio-Robots" is released, and its fourth (and final) single, "Plague 99", closes the month off with its own release. July 2011 - n-Somnia takes a well-earned break. Beyond July 2011 - Plans for a second album are in the works.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As n-Somnia, I've never played live. The reason being that I don't have suitable equipment for my performance needs. When I was in my high school band, Supertrip, it was easier because we played rock. I had my guitar, it was fun. Today it's mostly on the PC what I do. I would need some state-of-the-art hardware to play live now.
Your musical influences
The 80's, mostly. Especially New Wave and Synthpop. Many artists come to mind, but here's a few - Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Duran Duran, Yazoo, a-ha, Kraftwerk, Visage, Arcadia...the list goes on.
What equipment do you use?
Any compatible PC that will handle the following software: Acid Pro 3, Cool Edit Pro, Fruity Loops Pro, Sound Forge, Rebirth, Rubber Duck, Hammerhead; Plus any PC that can handle the following hardware: Mixing desks, CasioTone MT-36 keyboard, Fender Telecaster, Ibanez bass guitar.
Anything else?
Music never sleeps.
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