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Loud, noisy, dirty guitars, angry vocals, Powerful, Raw, Metal with attitude.
I.C.O.N - Raw, Powerful, Original metal
Band/artist history
I.C.O.N is a band born of frustration. Formed in 1999, tired of the stale local rock scene, a trio of friends got together after splitting from various local nowhere bands, and took their ideas from many classic and contemporary hard rock and metal influences, to write songs and search for a likeminded drummer. Once ideas started to flow, the band decided to use a drum machine, which they had been using to demo and rehearse songs with as a temporary measure while the search for the right drummer continued. After a first local pub gig, I.C.O.N were inundated with offers of gigs around the local area. Just a few shows later, they were playing huge biker rallies, supporting many rock bands around the region and found themselves third billing at the annual outdoor 'Bands in the Park' festival in East Lancs. The event drew over 11,000 people to the local outdoor park and established I.C.O.N as a strong, original upcoming heavy rock band. The profile of the group rose dramatically and set the standard and work ethic that I.C.O.N continues to follow. Autumn 2002 saw the release of their first EP "ICONROCK", which had a promising review in 'Metal Hammer' magazine, plus a number of excellent reviews from online fanzines, websites and press. 2003 saw the band embark on their first full UK tour in support of their EP, winning over countless new fans across Britain, making new friends and establishing themselves as one of the UK's most upcoming, exciting and most talked about unsigned metal bands in the rock underground. 2004 was the band's most accomplished and busy year to date. The release of their EP 'The Warning' led to a signing with 'Kaleidoscope Promotions' and world-wide exposure on the Kaleidoscope compilation 'The best unsigned bands.... ever'. The ensuing UK tour saw more new venues to play, more dates and more people flocking to see the band. 'The Warning' EP and I.C.O.N live performances had many positive reviews in all areas of the media including 'Powerplay' magazine, radio and countless music websites. The deal with Kaleidoscope also allowed mass industry feedback from major labels and management, all with huge positive responses and interest. July 2004 saw the recruitment of the first official live drummer in I.C.O.N history, who stayed with the band for just 8 months, but showed how powerful the material would be with a live skinsman, giving dimension and character to the existing sound. Shortly after his departure, I.C.O.N were proud to announce the arrival of James Henderson to the team, an amazing powerhouse of a drummer who has finally completed the circle and has become the missing piece of the jigsaw, bringing with him his powerful, potent and unique skills behind the kit, as well as a wicked sense of humour. I.C.O.N are roaring through 2005 in the only way that they know how; with attitude, anger and their brand of hard-nosed fist pounding metal anthems, writing the strongest material to date for the strongest EP release yet, getting the I.C.O.N message out there as far and as wide as possible with even bigger, longer tours and pushing ever harder. The story continues
Have you performed in front of an audience?
On tour throughout the UK, promoting the band and our music during the latter part of 2005 and all through 2006. We love touring, meeting new people and bands and building up our following as far and wide as possible.
Your musical influences
Noisy, solid, dirty guitar based heavy rock. Metallica, Black Label Society, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, etc, etc
Anything else?
I.C.O.N equipment checklist 2005: Marshall Amplification Laney Amplification Gibson/Epiphone Guitars Westfield/Hohner/Epiphone Basses Wesley Custom Guitars and Basses MXR Effects Dunlop Effects Zoom Bass effects Ernie Ball Strings Rotosound Bass strings Tama Rockstar Zilgian & Sabian Cymbals Tama Artstar Snare Shure Microphones