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Unique. Lyrical genious.
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Always Gonna Win
No Brakes freestyle(open collab)
Everyday crawls
Band/artist history
Coming and going from the rap scene Mr.Alias has finally mastered his ability to write music and freestyle. Born in 1990, as Noah Gibb he knew he had a love for music when he started listening to music and realized he loved music in its entirety, no matter what genre. He start writing songs to vent off some emotion and knew he had a true talent when he won a poem contest in 8th grade. He started off as A-One,at the age of 12, and then morped into Whyte Boi and formed the group The G.N.W. Boi'z with Dominique Williams aka Pretty Boi and Julius Whitworth. He then proceeded to write 3 recorded songs for the group. "For The Ladies", "Throw Dem Bowz", " Shut Ya Mouth" these were his first songs and he experimental with love and the gangster ways of life. Their debut cd "Welcome Home' never finished production and the group stopped recroding as Noah moved a town over. Their friendship grew absent as Noah still contiued to write music and ventured on with other happenings in life. Basically taking 3 years off to find himself, he then remerged as Alias. He then decided to record again with Will McKamey to create his first song since "For The Ladies" as a trial. He found a cheesy beat and began to write "Always Gonna Win. The song got major attention and he began to have people gain interest in his music.The songs on this page are rough drafts to test the waters to see what the fans like. The name Mr. Alias for the many different styles this artist has and he has the ability to rap like any artist to any beat. With impressive lyrics this artist is destined to make it big in any genre. Stay tuned for the emergense of a great artist. Skills: Video Editor/ Producor Song Writer Freestlye Artist Various forms of rapping or the ability to have a vast spectrum For more information on collaborations, booking or any other projects(mixtapes, videos, etc.) contact Mr.Alias at alias_music@live.com
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