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The Ministry of Linda L. Johnson
Linda L. Johnson from Minneapolis, Minnesota is an American Christian Evangelist & Gospel Preacher who functions in various spiritually endowed capacities.
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Here Comes a Breeze...
Spirit of David - Worship
Lord Take all the Praise
Scripture Comfort & Hope - Praise Psalm Outro
The Ministry of Linda L. Johnson shares her Christian Acapella Spoken Word with the Soundclick Community of Artists to bring about an awareness of Christ using social media's song platforms. It is the mission of this ministry to Reach People by Any Means Necessary for the cause of the Christ.
Band/artist history
It would take a God-sent "special person" to back me up instrumentally in song since I am not a singer as such. I function in song within the parameters of that which I have been given his grace. I realize at this time I don't carry the natural singer's ability to go beyond that. I'm not trying to be a singer, I use my gift or voice using the method of Christian Spoken Word (or song) as a means of ministry. Others have described my psalms as soulful, it's a hum and groan that comes from my spirit-man within. It may not be the learned, trained, or the correct way, but it's "the only way I know how to do it." It's an anointing I have been graced with from God. I desire God to use it that it may be a blessing to the listeners.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I am prompted by the Holy Spirit. This includes "live" worship occasionally as I preach. Do I like it? I love it. Yet I love anything that uplifts and creates an atmosphere for the presence of God. Special moments, yes, I seen a woman become liberated in the midst of a church service due to worship and the testimonies of others who have listened online where they proclaimed the anointing of the worship song voice has done the same. To God be all the Glory!
Your musical influences
Many. Though primarily, I am influenced and drawn in by "anointed" voices. Their is a huge difference when song/music is done up under the anointing and unction of the Holy Ghost verses just a great, beautiful or powerful voice. Their are many great singers, but fewer anointed ones.
What equipment do you use?
Sound Forge and Sony equipment.
Anything else?
Yes. Let me just say, though my primary call is preaching, I realize their are many who are not interested in, nor will they be drawn to the Lord soley by preaching. And that's where I must use other expressions and be willing to switch gears and use song. "I waste nothing as a tool that my Lord has graced and given to me. I am responsible to God to develop and give an account for utilizing every God-given endowed gift he has bestowed and entrusted me with to reach people with the Good News of the Gospel through various forms of expressions while bringing glory to his holy name." The body of Christ must understand THEY are responsible to pray and "find a way" in which to cultivate and use their gifts. It is not up to "your church" necessarily to do this FOR you. I believe God has counted me faithful in the initial work he assigned me to in the beginnings. Along the way, he has entrusted me with more. If I went home to be with the Lord today, I like to believe that I can say that my living was not in vain. By bringing glory, honor and praise to my Lord, I pray someone may be reached and impacted even if it's in a minor way its spiritual seed sown and someone else will water it. *Portions of Linda's story which includes her call to ministry is a feature in volume 3 of the Literary work, I Am Royalty: Profiles In Black History. Email: lindaljohnson06@aol.com Website: http://www.theministryoflljohnson.org 'Spirit of David" Video on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og6BFLTeiXc Compliments of B. Wiens, video producer, Canada
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