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Mike de la Cruz
Mike de la Cruz
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Andean Tropical Pop. Music to dance and listen, rhythmically very danceable with conscious lyrics.
Mike de la Cruz - Tu Boca (Official)
i was born in santiago de chile but i always lleave a traveling life with my parents, i was in places like costa rica mexico, panama y argentina too, this was very important to my personality because in chile people is shy, but as I've grown in that diferent places, i am diferent too. i love live life, enjoy every precious days and give love to the world and try to make happy to people. i do music for this reason, because i think the music is the most important feel to the human beens,. if you walk where ever, always you go to find music, in the bus, in the market, even in the street, always is in our ears and our heart. Viva la musica seƱor!!!
Band/artist history
i do music since i was born
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, in all places that be allowed, i love it, just be in a stage is a bless i feel like a fish in the water...
Your musical influences
Musicians like carlos vives, juan luis guerra, calle 13, and always the great michael jackson. another type of root music arround southamerica, some unknow like peruvian music, salsa and colombian music like cumbia and puerto rican music like reggaeton too.
What equipment do you use?
my backgrounds,mi talent and a microphone. and obviously the tracks.
Anything else?
I think the society and people are changing, to the best way, i believe and i hope to the planet not continue suffering all bad things we do, specially the goverment and politic power. the human been is clever and understand to our planet do not resist more damage.
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