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Dancing Baptists
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Synthpop with a twist of faith. Has been played on broadcast and XM satellite radio. Mostly upbeat, fun, positive music, but some serious, darker music. Styled
Shining Star 2005
Peak position #14
Long Day
Peak position #90
I'm having fun. I'm making positive, uplifting music with a message. I hope you have a good dance, laugh, and smile. Dancing Baptists has aired on broadcast and XM Satellite radio.
Band/artist history
The world is coming to an end... Baptists are dancing! A new group is on the scene, shocking the Christian world by naming themselves the Dancing Baptists. Styled as a mixture of Echoing Green, New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure, and perhaps a little industrial. They apparently made a name for themselves by getting the whole congregation to dance wildly during the song "Victory In Jesus" at a Baptist Church in Houston back in 1995. They continue to tour the country, waking up old ladies who are sleeping during a very slow hymn by taking the stage and grabbing the microphone, keyboard, and drums, and whipping out their own livened-up version. (Occasionally they get swatted over the head with offering baskets by overzealous traditionalists at some churches, but have suffered no major concussions so far.) Hailing from Texas, Illinois, and Iowa, no one is quite sure where the lead singer got his outrageous British accent, though some speculate it was by watching Monty Python too much as a child. Whoever saw a Baptist with rhythm, yet they continue to tour the country bringing shock and awe to rural Baptist churches across America with their singing and dancing! They have even been spotted at Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Pentacostal, Assemblies of God, Bible, Church of Christ, and even Catholic churches, occasionally encouraging whole congregations to two-step, skank, mosh, slam, spin, twirl, bounce, and otherwise dance during their performances. (The Dancing Baptists strictly prohibit line-dancing at their concerts, as they feel this is a sin. They also prohibit those stupid songs like the Ketchup song and Macarena where you have to do those stupid motions, just because.)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Primarily a studio band. Some radio play.
Your musical influences
Echoing Green, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, Human League, New Order, Alphaville, Erasure, Gary Numan, Joy Electric
What equipment do you use?
Propellerhead Reason, Arturia Storm, FL Studio, Cakewalk Studio, Screenblast Acid, Power Tracks Pro, Audacity, Antares Autotune, Antares AVP-1 Vocal Producer,TC-Helicon VoicePrismPlus, TC-Helicon VoiceOne 2.0, Nady PRA-8 Preamp, Yamaha PF-500 and PSR-280, Peavy Electric guitar, Fostex MR-8 Digital Multimixer, Shure SM58 Mic, Nady 900 Condenser Mic, PreSonic Tube Mic Preamp, Vocaloid Leon and Lola, Soundsoap, and most importantly wax paper and a comb, and a 99 cent kazoo