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Goethia Orator
Goethia Orator
50 Tracks
Most abrupt power electronics Death Industrial and Noise group in South America!
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eastern fear
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Des armes et des hommes pour le M
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The project started in 2002 when I first started to make noise tapes for myself. I used to talk about social pathologies, satanism, misanthropy, wars and occultism, but in many different ways with samplers, few vocals and really disturbing harsh noise. After some years and meeting of new people around the scene, Goethia Orator was modifying, creating a more audible sound but also, more hateful, abusive, exposing more the original idea. From satanism to warfare, Goethia Orator was more concentrated in social conflicts and political wars, showing propaganda, contra propaganda, cultural and mind control systems causing some real changings in society. War is the constant of the world, even in small organisms, but there are many different analytic views of war. So, Goethia Orator in 2006 started a new idea of Negative Konstruktion Kaotik Kontrol project, in 2011 Obuseiro, technichal musics about weapons. Goethia Orator is more simple and direct. In 2012 Mozambique Drill came back with ideas of oldschool power electronics in line of Whitehouse, Sutcliffe Jugend, Brighter Death Now, and started composed some few songs that was titled BodyBagBalaclava, it changed to Death Morgue Ritual, than Death Morgue Unit!
Band/artist history
It was started in 2002 recording many noise and atmospheric music in tapes, using very poor softwares and equipment, basic softwares, microphones and deck tapes. After some years of recording, I meet many people into scene, some I really respect and be proud of have met, and gave a new direction to the project. Doing more clear noise but even more hatred, I was invited to few compilations and a side project. The project evoluted to a very professional power electronics project and gave a personal direction, being very agressive with it's vocals, vomiting hatred, using lot of samples, good visual covers, and we grew together with great artists from USA, Asia and Europe. The project is stoped for 2 or 3 years, because lack of resources, and nowdays, contacts are more difficult and people have been out also. I see as a decadence of the scene. As myspace lost its space for Facebook, and I don't use it, it's being hard to keep the project in a scene. But as I can see, I don't see any of the artists from XXI century keeping the projects. Something strange happened, like, too much radicalism seems like exploded faster, and lost it's sense. Like it's better keep shocking people with images and internet discussions. I can see only the real ones alive, the oldschool ones. A good scene keeps in Finland, some european places. Brazilian scene finished faster. So, I back with the idea to come back with an old tape label of mine, to maybe come back with a not so strong scene, but change material and keep something alive. Goethia Orator was always me, and what I would do, that's basic Goethia Orator. To be honest I would like to back having contact with some great ones I had contact. They were very great artists, talented and very intelligent people.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played live 6 times at live studio with some drunkards and it was noisy. 2 times opened to crazy guys. - Recording of Our Leader is Dead was live in P.K. Studio. - Femina Dominus Est recorded live the "Tribute to Christine Young" 2 hours tape at Slaughter Studios. - Wird Samekh.
Your musical influences
Power electronics scene, warfare, old religions, women and beer. Grey Wolves, Death Pact International, Survival Unit, Brighter Death Now, Green Army Fraction, Brethren, Nyodene D, Atrax Morgue, ConDom, Genocide Organ, NON, Mz. 412, Rosemary Malign, Bizarre Uproar, Control Resistante, Sektion B, Stress Orphan, Filth, Maniac, Machismo, Inhibition, United Electronics, Nyodene D, Veprisuicida (Russia) Terre Blanche, Ultra, Linja Mass, MOHR, Black Mountain Transmition, Natural Disasters (Hungary), Lovci Na Tune (Yugoslavia), Purient and others.
What equipment do you use?
Old school were just microphone, softwares and deck tapes. Nowdays I use a mix of bass, distortion pedals, softwares, microphones, and samplers.
Anything else?
Contact me at myspace in:
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