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Uhh FooL aka DieSeL
Uhh FooL aka DieSeL
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Me myself i write my own lyrics and perform my own lyrics, yuh might here me with us singing track or a few get my drake on lol but seriously im just starting t
No official page up and running but give me less than 2 months and i will have something layed out... but lets get started Govt. Name :: David Thomas Age :: 24 Birthplace :: CortLand, New York Reside :: Sarasota, Florida
Band/artist history
really no band history i've been writing lyrics and poems since about 8th grade booker middle school but like i said im just starting to take my music serious i have a garbage bag full of papers, notebooks filled with lyrics but i dont like to back track so what yuh hear will be new material.. i've made a few songs back around 2004 cant find them but i still kinda remember the lyrics, i rap with my cousin Joe aka Get'em he freestyles also and my homeboi/brotha Derrick aka Bang he also freestyles.. im not the type to freestyle so don't ask that's pretty much it on that note
Have you performed in front of an audience?
no i haven't but i don't have a problem with performing just getting my music started though i want to have a decent set of songs before i do perform though
Your musical influences
i've been influenced the most by lil wayne ever since he was a hot boy he was my favorite and new he was gonna be the best someday, but im also motivated by alot of other artists, webbie, boosie (free'em by the way), young jeezy, tupac, biggie im influenced by all those men but with a flavor of my own with my own style
What equipment do you use?
bongs?? lol nah lemme stop playin right nah just a computer and a headset with a mic and audiopad to record and get my beats from this site of course but might get a program to make beats also and see how that goes i've made 3 back in the day and they were all flame so maybe i still got it
Anything else?
not much too say as of now but trust me coming soon more music to come and lots of money to be made so if you're gonna pick uh winner im that ni**** lol fu** with me