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Freakey E Tha G33k
Freakey E Tha G33k
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Freakey E Tha G33k Grew up in Altgeld Gardens one of the southside Chicago projects & music was the only way out!!!
Freakey E Tha G33k - Are You Down
Peak in sub-genre #93
Life is what you make it!!!
Band/artist history
Eugene Blakemore III aka Freakey E Tha G33k Born June 29th 1990 Started knowning about rap at the age of 5 years old. Being in and out of the studio with his father at that time inspired him to start rapping at the age of 9 years old. With the name known as "ECHO L " at that time his favorite rapper was DMX. Growing up in the neighborhood of Altgeld Gardens aka known as the Dirty 1-30 him and his friends started a group cald Top Notch. They recorded an album called "Hope for the Best Prepare for The Worst", but it was never release. As the group grew older they when there separated ways thats when "ECHO L" started being a DJ with his own dance group called "BTS" in 2005. Echo L now call " DJ KILLA E" started being in involved in Juke Dancing and Mixing Juke Music in the local skating rinks in Chicago he starting creating a huge fan base. With the Juke Music starting to faze out Echol L aka DJ Killa E started his Rap Solo career in 2009 now better know as "Freakey E Tha G33k. With the new name and new start Freakey e Tha G33k created his frist mixtape call " Disown Tha Pen" and now with his new freestyle of rapping Freakey e Tha G33k have created numberous Mixtape. Starting with G33k Season, A Dedication Vol 1, A G33k Dedication, Super-G33k, Who Listening, also American Throne. Freakey E Tha G33k is the New Generation of Rap Music.
Your musical influences
kanye West,Biggie Smalls ,Ludacris