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daren creeksea
daren creeksea
22 Tracks
Bob Dylan , Travis , Acoustic , singer songwriter , Folk , Rock , Blues
hello thanks for poping by i hope your mp3 player is up and rolling guys as i have some sounds of my own for you to put your ears too. let us know your thoughts. I'm a hobbyest acoustic singer songwriter only my own stuff here from deep within me lol. Hope you like it and can chill here for a time, & if you really like it pop back i shall add more when the big clock in the sky lets me. daren creeksea music daren creeksea stations
Have you performed in front of an audience?
if I'm asked I'm happy to please I'm Acoustic so no leads.... just Me 2006 Gigs March 17 Saint Patrick's Day- Welcome sailor With Friends at this moment in time all my music is free like the wind
Your musical influences
Bob dylan he's the man they are also the people that sing and play in my local's or on the steet corner, down the tube or my mate with there guitars. My influences are all around me to many name's i'd need a vary big book to fit them all in(I'd call it my Bible to music, thank guys)
What equipment do you use?
simple equipment its a Acoustic Simon and Patric Ceder guitar a Norman(spruce) Semi Acousic & Dobro LEBEDA Guitar plus Horner Harmonica's & what ever else i find at hand. I recored on a BOSS & digitech Gear
Anything else?
thanks SOUNDCLICK for giving me this spot PS if anyone want to contact me email me at darenjohnson@hotmail.com thanks again cheers ......Daren
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