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Missuku... singer, uke player and chief MissFit. (The MissFits are my 3-piece band and they have their own place here on SoundClick).
Hi, I'm Missuku, I've been playing music and singing for around 30 years and my musical repertoire covers a broad sound spectrum including... * Warm south-sea island rythmns of hawaiian swing. * Saucy parlor songs. * Vaudeville, music-hall and tin pan alley. * Jump, jive and smooth jazz. * Blues, rent-party / jug band music. I'm based in Nottingham, UK, I'm currently looking to put a new band together... so if you're interested, I could use a tea-chest player and a drummer who had to sell all his kit except the snare drum,some brushes and maybe a cymbal too. Please email me if you're interested in showing an audience just how fabulous music can sound with the simplest of instruments. (The drummer can bring along his udu-drum if he really wants to show off)!
Band/artist history
You know, there ought to be a book about the life and times of a musician who played their way up from beginning in seedy hotels and cat-houses in south-east Asia to well-paid residences in in clubs and swish hotels... and along the way, ideally, there'd be a sex change to add a bit of human interest - lets face it, the public can't resist such stories... Now, whose life could I have just been describing?
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm putting this band together to play live... I love to create a show... not just merely play music. Highlights? There've been a few - but I'm a look-forward kind of a person... the best is yet to come!
Your musical influences
Sol Hoopii and Andy Iona, and pop records from the 1930's by vocalists like The Boswell Sisters and Annette Hanshaw mean anything to you? If so, we really should get together! ...And there's more - Johnny Ukulele, Roy Smeck, Ukulele Ike, Tessie O'shea... and more recently Ka Ehu Kai. A diverse mix from the last 90 or so years... And not forgetting Duke Ellington, Charley Parker, Irving Berlin... and about a million others
What equipment do you use?
I mainly play a KoAloha Concert, backed up by a National Reso-Uke, a Gibson UB2 Banjulele, a Risa Tenor and soon-to-be-added, a Risa Electric Tenor. The acoustic instruments are miked using a C1000 AKG then the signal goes through a DTar Solstice before they get to the PA. For small gigs, I use an AER Compact 60 acoustic amp. The electrics are amped using a pair of Roland cube 30's, (one amp outputs dry signal only) for small gigs or as a stage monitor for bigger gigs. I use a Sony Professional reverb unit for the delays.