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DJ Lamborghini Turbofire
DJ Lamborghini Turbofire
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an independient DJ using the computer for create and mix music
Eternity 2K15
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The Fire Anthem
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Landing Louder
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I am a young man who loves music, and I would like to devote to it, but I think that having a rock band or pop band or solo any of these genres is quite common. so I prefer to be a DJ because it can handle better and sounds infinitely variable, but currently have handled the DJs and the same, so I have been to improve it, so I've been experimenting with new styles of music electronica, including this: techno, trance, rave, dance, drum n bass, hardcore, happy hardcore, terror, gabber, speedcore and Extratoner, in addition to new styles like "Ambercore"which is a combination of techno and environment, "Invertone" use inverted music (music the other way around) and remixed, also a combination of rock and techno, which I call "T*Rock", and lately I've been learning to make Hardstyle
Band/artist history
2003 ... simplify start and turn them into music sounds ... for the year 2006 (on the day of my birthday) I get my first program to make music, and get my first song "Standard Techno Dance" ... From that day I have composed over 600 songs using 3 types of programs ... my discography stretches to 55 albums and 45 singles, but I can not get professional discography
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, the only time I've played stirring music was in a New Year family reunion, but I want to go into a great place
Your musical influences
Long big part of my family has been dedicated to music, and I would like to follow that tradition only that it would take another course, electronic music, one of the DJs that I like are Paul Van Dyk and DJ Sharpnel
What equipment do you use?
just use the computer using very simple programs, one of the most common "FL-Studio", since I have enough budget to get synthesizers.
Anything else?
just want to be one of the best DJs in the world but you can not achieve if you do not hear my music, I hope all the songs you like to publish some of them ... Thanks
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