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abstract industrial and mechanical noize rituals mixed with elektro fetish themes
ceuthophilus stygius
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silence equals consent
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wireless encoded apoplexy
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stupid noize track
heimlich maneuvers in the dark
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Front man and sole member of INSEkT L0GIC, , is yet another computer nerd with an outdated machine producing unique experimental sounds used to suggest movement, form, and emotion for your listening pleasure here on the internet. His music sets a definite mood which is very difficult to describe in words, and thee karkajou automaton, himself, has a very interesting perspective on what he is striving to accomplish through his work: "One of the primary objectives of is to create music with multiple interpretations to allow the listener to find something new with each exposure. The concept is to look beyond what we are conditioned to believe and what we are conditioned to disbelieve. Instead, we are encouraged to 'think outside the box' of human experience and discover certain connections between ideas we would normally perceive as unrelated, contradictory, or alien." "We begin to understand by studying the parts that influence each other in order to make up the entire composition, and the realization of the complete picture also affects the nature of the individual parts themselves. This self-perpetuating process allows the whole composition to constantly re-invent itself as an ever-evolving, artificial organism each time it is experienced by the audience." Hello, and welcome to the show.
Band/artist history
INSEkT L0GIC originally started in late 1999 or so as a collaboration project to accompany a fetish performance troupe, which unfortunately never really came about as most of the other participants moved away from the area, so it stands as a solo project instead. Feel free to party naked to it regardless. In 2002, "thee amateur sessions" CDR release became available. The EP consisted of three unmastered tracks with lyrics and four instrumental "bonus" tracks and artwork by thee karkajou automaton. It is no longer in print. In 2003, "" CDR release became available. This full-length album features 13 mostly-instrumental tracks, with artwork by thee karkajou automaton and photography by Hypnox and Razorcandi. A re-issue of the limited edition CDR release is now available for . Over the years INSEkT L0GIC has enjoyed exposure through internet radio as well as underground clubs and parties in Santa Barbara, San Diego, and the UK. Additional Partners in Crime: Official Photographer - (Cyndee) Official Hairstylist - (Serina) Circuit Bending - Live Performance - ,
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Electronic music can be difficult to represent visually in a successful and compelling format. I have performed as a club and event deejay for the last 7 or 8 years, but I have not peformed as a band yet. I look forward to being able to do live performances sometime in the future, but I lack the resources to do so at the present time.
Your musical influences
I do quite a bit of reading. I prefer mostly science fiction, cyberpunk, and horror novels. These include authors like Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, Frank & Brian Herbert, H.P. Lovecraft, C.J. Cherryh, Anais Nin, Charles-Pierre Baudelaire, George Alec Effinger, Walter Jon Williams, Ray Bradbury, Robert A. Heinlein, Kathe Koja, and Brian Hodge. I also like to keep up on non-fiction that focuses on technology, communication, and music production. I mostly listen to music i would deejay, with genres such as rhythmic power noise, electro fetish music, abstract industrial, electronic b0dy music, dark ambient, death rock, european darkwave, ethereal, and musique concrete. If you like INSEkT L0GIC, you might also like similar artists such as Axiome, Tarmvred, PAL, Communication Zero, Iszoloscope, Die Form, , , , Forme Tadre, Gruntsplatter, The Bleeding Stone, Elektrode, Lustmord, Sleep Chamber, Mental Destruction, Brighter Death Now, Unter Null, and . Similar artists can also be found on my mp3 station here.
What equipment do you use?
Until i can upgrade: ghetto PC machine (266 Mhz Cyrix), , amplifier, cheap guitar, distortion boxes and effects processors, softsynths, sound effects ceedees, vst instruments and effects, and tender loving care.
Anything else?
The latest CDR release - all my friends are synthetik - is in the pre-production stage. The concept for the album is reflected in the title; each song is dedicated to a different person (with song titles based upon internet usernames). New mixing and mastering techniques are being researched and put into practice on each track. Plans were to have it completed and available by the end of 2004, but some failed upgrades have delayed it until the summer of 2382. Meh. Positive feedback inspires me to work on more material, so please vote for your favorite songs and post what you think of them to the here. I also post updates and news to my and accounts. Thanks for Listening!
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