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Blue Mercy Cafe
Blue Mercy Cafe is a catch-all name for songs that don't fit anywhere else. Some of these are just me, some are with my former band Nothing Regal, and some with
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So Long Awaited
An alternate take of me singing lead vox on this Nothing Regal original Christmas tune.
O Come All Ye Faithful (feat. Nothing Regal)
A rockin' rendition of the old Christmas hymn.
Tender Years (Eddie and the Cruisers Cover)
A cover of my favorite song from the Eddie and the Cruisers soundtrack.
The Lust the Flesh the Eyes and the Pride of Life
snippet of a cover I'm working on of the classic song by the 77s
Unfit for a King
The final mixed version of my original holiday song.
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Blue Mercy Cafe is a catch-all name for songs that don't fit anywhere else. Some of these are just me, some are with my former band Nothing Regal, and some with my other former band, Sweet Blue Soul. Music has always been an important part of my life. I can still remember playing "air band" to my Uncle Roderick's 45s from the '70s and then graduating up to creating pretend instruments out of household items (a few pots, pans, and trash cans for a drum kit; tennis racquets for guitars, a toy organ for the keyboard). With my brother and neighbors, we hammed it up to the music of the Clique, Five Man Electrical Band, KISS and Three Dog Night until I was finally able to request my own music (the first of which were cassettes of Kiss Dynasty and REO Speedwagon's Hi Infidelity, and an LP of AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Beginning like most musicians, playing in high school rock and roll bands, I've managed to step up and play the big stages opening up for and playing along with folks like Kerry Livgren, the 77s, the Newsboys, the Choir, and Adam Again. I've been lucky enough to have played several major music festivals, including AtlantaFest and ISFest. During that time, I've played everything from Christian rock to electronica and back again, with lots of good ol' rock and rock and acoustic music mixed in to keep it all fresh. My band history (in order): Paradox (high school) Cornerstone (high school) Reign st:trax (aka Lamont You Big Dummy) Nothing Regal 22FIVE Sweet Blue Soul The Bigger Issues! (current) Here's my current gear. Bass Guitars: Washburn B-15 (with active pickups) Fender Jazz Hohner Acoustic D'Addario or GHS Boomer strings Acoustic B20 Bass Amp Guitars: Alvarez 5056 Ovation Celebrity Vintage Truetone acoustic/electric Fender Squire Telecaster D’Addario strings Itty-bitty Yamaha practice amp Other: Hohner harmonicas in various keys and models, from Marine Band to Blues Classics Casio WK-200 workstation keyboard
Your musical influences
Well, if you're a fan of Norah Jones, The Band Perry, Bob Dylan, Christina Perri, Say So, Fleming & John, Plumb, Leona Lewis, Pink, Amy Grant, Sam (Leslie) Phillips, Tracy Chapman, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Ke$ha, Madonna, Jakob Dylan, Phil & John, Cassandra Wilson, Derek Webb, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, or Dresden Dolls, you'll probably want to check out Sweet Blue Soul too.
What equipment do you use?
Sean plays Alvarez and Ovation guitars.
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