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Richie Skye
Richie Skye
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Producer. Songwriter. DJ. Artist. Richie Skye represents for the lovers of art, music, culture, fashion - fusing electronic beats with hypnotic and melodic
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Fresh & Lethal: Richie Skye presents a refreshing mix of Hip Hop and electronic pop topped with a coating of catchy hooks and a laid back delivery.
Band/artist history
Producer. Songwriter. DJ. And now the Artist. Richie Skye is poised to turn pop music on its head in 2011 with his brand new album, We Are The Light. Mixing the currency of electronic and dance music with his urban roots and catchy pop melodies, the artist is covering all his bases in his quest for global music domination. In his own words, the music that once only lived in my head, will now live and breathe in yours. And he isnt lyingwith songs boasting soaring hooks like the bass heavy, piano driven ballad, Forever Is Never Impossible, and the all-at-once-futuristic-yet-old-school reggae jam, All the Girls, the visionary songwriter and producer clearly had radio on the brain. I do think about radio in the traditional sense, but what matters even more now is the radio in our heads our MP3 players, our iPods, our computers, Skye emphatically exclaims. The cool thing about music now is that we can feed ourselves, instead of only taking in the music thats been handed to us. His music is not only designed specifically to live listeners heads, but also on the dancefloor, apparent in tracks like Hands, Hands, Hands and D.Y.A.O. (short for Dance Your Ass Off). The DJ in him crafted songs destined for the coolest clubs and parties on the planet, blending the best of electronic music, hip hop house party-style beats, but flipping them by pulling in crunchy electric guitars. I am really inspired by the 80s definitely, Skye explained. Im fascinated by Robert Palmer, Prince and Fine Young Cannibals, and the way they incorporated electric guitars in songs like Addicted to Love, Lets Go Crazy and She Drives Me Crazy. The song Fly Gurl, on the album, has that same sort of feel, mixed with this insane dancehall beat. Its like Shaggy or Shakira meets Robert Palmer, its great. Its clear from listening to the album as a whole, that Skye has created a genre-bending body of work that transcends a mere out-of-pocket label. Other influences from Kanye to No Doubt and Depeche Mode can be heard on songs like the eerie Lost My Mind and the sure-fire breakout rocker, Dont Turn On the Lights, wherein the producer turned Artist challenges his vocal range quite a bit. DTOL was really a departure for me. It was a way to really challenge myself. My delivery on the song wasnt planned out, as it started out another way, but when I got behind the mic, I really just felt something different, and it felt much more authentic. Authenticity is something the artist is clearly striving for with this project. Not only does it cover the broad range of musical styles, Skye is immersed in, but, lyrically it covers his journey from budding producer to DJ to solo artist. The guitar driven pop smash-in-the-waiting, Breakdown, documents his frustrations as an artist and his near decision to quit the industry altogether. He describes it as a tough time in which he felt like the people in his life were dropping like flies, as his musical journey continued to take him through different life changes. But, its the gospel-tinged Before the Start that really sums up his musical journey. Before the Start, for me, is really an explanation of how I got here and why Im still here, Skye admits with a knowing smile. Its a reminder to myself that I started this whole journey because at heart Im a music lover. I love how it transports us to different places, and sometimes connects us with moments in our past, or for that three-to-four minutes, it makes us feel alive. Thats why I do this, and thats why I started this project. Im hoping that it inspires someone and takes them on a journey. That journey began more than ten years ago, when Skye wrote his first song after the ugly demise of a relationship. The song, called Stop, was later recorded, five years after he began producing, by the group he co-founded, Ellis Uniques. During that time, Skye began DJing local house parties and functions, while recording the groups debut album. It was also during that time that Skye produced an album of electronic music for House of Dance, a U.S.-based dance studio center. After Ellis Uniques disbanded in 2009, Skye continued pursuing his musical endeavors, taking a year to fully develop his sound as he prepared for his return to the spotlight. Now, having fully found his voice, the producer, songwriter and DJ is back with a brand new album and a new outlook. You know, Ive really come a long way, musically. Ive honed my craft, so now its about putting this body of work out there for people to really understand what I can do. My mission for this year is to get back into producing and writing for other artists, as well as DJing gigs across the globe. My scope isnt small. It is rather large in fact, but I wouldnt have it any other way. Skye will release We Are The Light in Summer 2011, along with an urban-electronic dance album, Insatiable, with his production partner, I.R.O.N.M.A.N. His DJing career is blossoming as well, with gigs booked throughout the winter and into Spring. With a jam packed schedule, a new outlook on life and music, the future is looking very bright for Richie Skye.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live is awesome, necessary and completely insane! INSANE! Every live show is a party where you can either stand on the wall OR rock out til you die (collapse). I typically opt for the latter. It becomes an exchange of energy that transforms into a living breathing entity. Words can't describe the feeling of being onstage.
Your musical influences
Depeche Mode, No Doubt, Pharell, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Andre 3000, any artist who creates their own art generally....
What equipment do you use?
I use Logic, ACID and my production partner uses Reason for production purposes.
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