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the Children Death Revue
the Children Death Revue
2 Tracks
the Children Death Revue. all keyboards. all the time. MONDO MASSACRE!!!!
the Children Death Revue. all keyboards. all the time. someone called us cold wave. what does that mean? [their first release, Mondo Massacre! is currently in post production]
Band/artist history
after the destruction of his childhood career starring as one of the boxcar children in the popular childrens' book series, The Boxcar Children, Atomic Sean swore to seek revenge on the being[s] responsible for his maturity and growth of hair in private areas. but then Atomic Sean met many others with that special hair, others who wanted to massacre the maudlin mainstream populace by ear. among the many[many many] who touched Atomic Sean in a special way was Claudia "I Cunt Run in These Heels" Stone. and under the influence of 8-bit, the Children Death Revue first realized their talent. in a wee river town in pennsylvania. then they hopped on a circus truck to new orleans, where the constant consumption of cheap beer and lip gloss created a creative surge of creative energy. and thus, Mondo Massacre! was actualized.
Your musical influences
missing persons, roy orbison, depeche mode, the prima donnas, shangri-las, lederhosen lucil, peaches, younger younger 28s, killer pussy, gravy train, and every other artist who smashes thier speakers with their keyboard!