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Making a Beat | Afrotrap | SOCCER
"Multi-genre music producer since 1998. More than 60M Streams. Winner of the Redbull producer contest and several awards nationally and internationally."
Band/artist history
Gradozero Beats was founded in 2008 by Mike Alemany, a producer with more than 20 years of experience and since gradozerobeats.com was launched, hundreds of artists have been able to enjoy their instrumentals and professional services for their personal projects. The GradozeroBeats website was created with the purpose of providing to artists, high quality instrumentals with an emotional touch to give their own identity and help them boost their musical careers. Mike knows the two sides of the music, since as an artist he has released 14 albums in the last 15 years and knows exactly what an instrumental needs to provide the emotion that the artist wants to convey in his song. In this way, the connection between the song and the audience is made immediately and profoundly. He also has an enormous versatility that makes him capable of creating any musical genre at the first attempt and this is something he has put to the test and has proven in the last year creating instrumentals of many different genres. He is considered obsessed with the quality and cleanliness of sound, so his instruments always sound clean and full of strength.
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