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January 25, 2011
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Don't currently have a site-Will have to look into it. Have a account with BMI music. Will do the PR intro thing later, We are busy....
Band/artist history
Welcome, Rob "The Mad Hatter" Mac - Drums and percussion, And Aaron "Hammerhead" on keyboards and electric guitars. to the band. Also Danny "Spicolli" Hanks - Lead Guitar. Sobriety check point was added for Calvin-izer to allow longer life of musical instruments (a guitar was K.I.A). =0) Wulf: I have been writing songs for about 20 or so years. I was presented with a beautiful autographed acoustic guitar from Toby Keith (State Side Concert) August 2010.Toby has traveled overseas to some very rough places- Many thanks to him and his crew. And Big thanks to Darryl Worley also, will never forget how much help he was after returning home.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes live, small parties. Yes, we play for hours and hours at a time. When it's on it's on - sometimes we just make our way throught the train wreck...hheheh
Your musical influences
Toby Keith, Clapton, BB King, Dylan, Jackson Browne, Hank Williams, Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles, Trace Adkins, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, U2, the Jeff Healy Band, Aerosmith, Candlebox, Creed, Almann Bros, Willie Nelson, etc....
What equipment do you use?
Harmonicas: Blues A-G. Guitars, 7 Acoustic, 2 Electric, Various Electric "Diddley Bows", Mustang & Marshall Amps, Cry baby and Zoom pedals, drum kit, Electric Bass, Recording Gizmo H4N, and Boss.
Anything else?
There are those who don't listen to- or hear - the lyrics in songs. A sad loss on their part. Missing a lot. A solid beat can be important as well as the musical make up of a song- but sometimes the lyrics can take you places, or walk you through a story and bring you back... Fooles Gold # 76 in Blues. Total songs: 46,322 # 9 in Country Blues. Total songs: 3,263 GrandmaSong # 104 in Blues. Total songs: 46,322 # 12 in Country Blues. Total songs: 3,263 Mornin Dew - Cover # 37 in Cover Songs. Total songs: 12,944 Painted Sunset # 185 in Acoustic. Total songs: 145,861 # 55 in Acoustic Guitar. Total songs: 29,140 Painted Sunset 2 # 363 in Blues. Total songs: 46,322 # 14 in Acoustic Blues. Total songs: 1,144 Scratchin At The Door # 88 in Blues. Total songs: 46,322 # 37 in Blues Rock. Total songs: 15,191 Tall Texas Woman Blues # 88 in Blues. Total songs: 46,322 # 13 in Country Blues. Total songs: 3,263
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