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Review of Origins, by newagemusic.guide journalist BT Fasmer: Sometimes a cover artwork tells little or nothing about the music inside and sometimes it tells the whole story. The cover of RedHeats new release Origins contains a picture of deep space combined with a part of a tubular bell famously used in Mike Oldfields 1973 bestselling album. At first glance, it looks eclectic, or even eccentric. But when you get to know the album, youll see that it is like a decryption code to RedHeats world of music. Read on to learn more about this fascinating, bold and different piece of music! Redheat is a British contemporary musician and composer specializing in instrumental epics. Origins is designed to be played end to end, with each piece flowing into the next for an hour of soothing relaxation, promoting mental wellness through mental stimulation with uplifting themes interspersed with gentle meditative parts. Return to Marwinia The album opener is called Return to Marwinia (Excerpt). Fans of Mike Oldfield will immediately be greeted by a familiar sound; Im extremely impressed by RedHeats adaptation of Oldfields quite complex musical expression. It even has the same playfulness and humor; I found myself expecting a caveman to appear (spoiler alert; theres no caveman). At the same time I must stress that this is not a MO tribute recording, but an original work of art. You dont have to be a Mike Oldfield fan to enjoy Origins. Return to Marwinia (Excerpt) has the atmosphere of a fantasy novel. Flutes and guitars guide us into a magical world. There are many nice twists and turns, and I very much enjoy the intertwining melodies. Theres even a talking spaceman in the end, making me change the scenery from fantasy to sci-fi in my mind. The 8-minute-long song seems to fly away, confirming that Origins is off to a promising start! Just a Robot Next song is In the Light. It has the coolness and attitude of a 1970s rock song, something by The Doors perhaps. But when the xylophone part comes on, Jim Morrison is all forgotten, and we are safely back in Oldfields realm. It all could have been a segment of Return to Ommadawn, it is that good. RedHeat is definitely on par with the master himself, pushing the boundaries of music and creativity. Origins flows beautifully as one track, and before we know it a robot is on to us! Just a Robot has a delightful squeaky sound and a rhythm custom-made for robot dancing. There are also some delicate Eastern flavors here, confirming that the robot has a Made in China sticker. Falcon Heavy Theres a back story to the next song that deserves to be told. RedHeat writes: Falcon Heavy was composed on the night that?SpaceX?launched and broadcast the very first Falcon Heavy rocket carrying Elon Musks old Tesla Roadster with the now iconic spaceman?at the wheel. As such, this piece is a personal reflection of the time, greatly inspired by the spectacular views of Earth broadcast live from the rocket and the Roadster as it was launched into?space. The almost nine-minute long song is like an EP within the album, taking us on a memorable trip into space. RedHeat captures the atmosphere of Musks ambitious project perfectly. On Upon Horseback we are safely back on Earth, getting ready for a ride. Here a Mike Oldfield quote seems fitting: In summer, winter, rain or sun, it is good to be on horseback. It is a fabulous piece! RedHeat explores melodic elements that are dear to all Oldfield fans, and adds some nice and personal effects (like the chiptune intro). It all has the quality of Return to Ommadawn, it is that good. The song effortlessly flows into Tubular Dogs. My only comment here is: Isnt that charming? Do you know, I really feel I could dance! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha (Margaret Thatcher voice, Mike Oldfields Amarok, 1990). Aether If you think Origins is an Oldfield tribute album, the next song will change your mind. Thinking Time is a fast, ambient styled song with a fascinating atmosphere. This is thinking on a grand, Big Bang scale. Time truly feels relative while listening to it. I very much like the reverb effect and how the lead synth bounces from side to side. It is so fast that it almost cant keep track with the rest of the rhythm. Aether takes us back into space, on an epic mission. The analogue sounding strings give the song a larger-than-life feel, a touch of Jean Michel Jarre. It also has a lovely playful vibe, with both spaceman chatter, statics and computer game effects. Be Geezy Before we know it Be Geezy has taken over the stage. The song is built around an incredible synth effect, a distorted techno bell, and a bright piano and fresh rhythm fill in nicely. It is excellent sound design. Digi Hastus, V 1.0 takes it even further, showing RedHeats impressive skills as a sound producer. The Cassini Theme ends the album with the same precision as space probe, which plummeted into Saturn on September 15, 2017 successfully completing Cassini-Huygens multi-decade mission. In conclusion: Ill end this review where I started; focusing on the cover. Origins by RedHeat is a fresh, bold and innovative release, perfect for stargazing, dreaming and thinking. The cover shows a part of a tubular bell, which indicates the importance of Mike Oldfields music. But it is only a part of the picture, Origins is so much more. A Lao Tzu quote springs to mind: Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. Origins takes us there, into space and back, reminding us not to take it all too seriously. Lets Be Geezy!
Band/artist history
A quantum anomaly manifesting in the 4th dimension as a conduit for human entropy. You can find my materials on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Apple (and all other major platforms) for convenience under the moniker RedHeat. My older and less polished material is available under the moniker Winter Bynes. Be sure to check out the Red Reflections II album, as well as the newer Origins album.
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Mike Oldfield, Vangelis and other great synth players i've heard but not known who they were.
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All the latest tech
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