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Docta Bludshed
Docta Bludshed
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Write & Record, thats my daily basis and favorite hobby. I'm 1/2 of "The BloodLetting Crew BLC of BLRda otha is C-zer and maybe soon to be Manixin & KAWL911 (A
Docta Bludshed - The Docta Is In (remix)
I'm in a group called the bloodletting crew and my solo name is Docta Bludshed, the group is called The Bloodletting Crew. The other member is C-zer and he hasnt had much time to record anything but he will soon. Ihttp://www.soundclick.com/doctabludshed we make dark shit, we do what we want and im always down for a collabo! JUST HIT ME UP! does your mixtape need a exclusive? HIT ME UP! need some clown love & support? HIT ME UP!
Band/artist history
been offered 2 labels. Thats bout it. Made BLC and just recently added maniXan (pronounced manic-an)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet, i haven't had the chance, but this summer gonna have a part/concert in the woods.
Your musical influences
Q strange, mars, insan0, dark half, kidcrusher, smoke, SINN, Tha Ghost, Stitchez, dark half, scum, duo, saint sinna, grewsum, Tha Ghost, Brabo Gator, Geno, & Crimson Bile.
What equipment do you use?
a mic in my room, beat, & something to write on (and not even that when freestyling). Thats all a horrorcore rapper like me needs to have.
Anything else?
For each hater I get, a promotion to lead a killa as high in the game as you can get, much respect to my supporters, fans, listeners (even if you don't like it) and juggalo family but imma continue to carry the throne, and domes im throwin, Blood be showin. WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCLMF!
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