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Ez EyE
Ez EyE
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Its Ok(I Aint Mad At Cha Meledy
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Dream Again Pop Beat
Drake Mileage
EzEyE was born in Richmond, Virginia on an early Autumn Morning of November 17. Raised in Southside Richmond Ez lived with two other siblings, his Mother and Father. After his Grandmother past away the Family who was used to the ghetto but now Ez got a chance to live in the country where the schools were better. His Family had their fair share of issues maybe more than the average but looked from the inside out Ez Says The life he has lived already has been hard but no harder than the next man or family struggle. EzEyE moved back and between his father and his mother during the time of their Divorce when he was just 10. Between 10 and 12 EzEyE Was MACEyE. Go Ahead Think he couldn't Was 15 due to EzEyE Growing mature and his own opinion he saw his father for who he was. When asked how do you feel about how you have come EzEyE Replied in a humorous manner How far have I come? About 3,000 something miles. You never traveled Coast to Coast? EzEyE Expressed that his taste in music is not by genre but just good music. I was raised on Bill Whithers, George Benson, Marvin Gaye, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Useher and T.I. out of those T.I and Jay-Z Being his biggest influences although he picked up writing in a first form of poetry then later transforming it into Floetry. The First Song EzEyE can remember singing is Jay-Zs Hard Knocks Life and his Favorite Song in Middle School Was T.Is Rubberband Man. EzEyE Started writing lyrics at 12 and started Producing at 14 and first published himself on MySpace. First Appearing at *Frank.O Gawa (2003 before Ez started flippin music) In Hand Cuffs At the Books Not Bars Non-Profit Event Next To Oakland 's own TownzBoyz, *Mistah F.A.B and Reparations. Ez Started producing beats at 14 with FLStudio. Growing and sprouting into who/what he has become today. Ez-Eye is also known for Working in the DMV based out of his hometown RVA. Facts About EzEyE EzEyE says the majority of his life he has been called EyE just With Different names (Lil Eye, Jet Eye, Young Eye, Mac EyE and now EzEyE) EzEyE has Three Siblings An older Sister and Brother on his mothers side and a little brother on his fathers side. EzEyE Dropped out of Oakland Technical Senior High, but attended Job Corps in Harpers Ferry, WV. After passing his GED on the first try EzEyE was terminated From Job Corps soon after obtaining his GED. EzEyE Kept a clean Record until 18 when he Caught a Gun Possession.
Your musical influences
George benson, Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind and Fire, T.i., Too Short, iLovemakonnen, Champ Green, NateniceBeats and the fact that its theraputic for me is enough influence.
What equipment do you use?
Fl Studio, ProTools
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