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Da JUH Music
Da JUH Music
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Two stranger placed in a dorm room Aug 2004, through the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, Two kids became brothers, and the rest is history.
Band/artist history
City boys with dreams"--$tunt..Ta$tic, thats all we are. Growing up with hopes and dreams of just doing something with our lives. A dream that has landed us both in the small town of Philippi located in rural West Virgina. Don't blink cause you will miss it, but none the less college was the main focus of our lives. As time went on, adverse circumstances in life brought us closer together as friends. Which in turn lead to a bond,A bond which has brought us to where we are today, writing about our lives and sharing our stories the best way we know how, music. Da Juh got its first big break as a mistake on the college campus of Alderson-Broaddus. Da Juh had the opportunity to open for one of "Ohio's finest" up and coming acts, The Jared Mahone Band. An opportunity taken with open arms and an open mind," We just wanted to have fun and living the college up a little bit". 5 songs later people were asking for cd's and so the journey began. As the year progressed, Da Juh became a well-known campus name, serving as host for several Coffee Houses and other events. Then there was launching promotional tours and new songs landing regular shows with radio personlity such as Lacy Neff of 102 WVAQ North Central Wv MOST LISTENED to station.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes of course like any other artist we do, do live shows, mostly around the northcentral west virginia area but ready to venture out. Music is an art and the only way to truely enjoy your work is by sharing it with the fans live so you can a real sense of their appreciation
Your musical influences
Michael Jackon/Jackson Five Jared Mahone Band John Mayer Ballyhoo! Kanye West Jay-Z Nas Diddy Common Andre 3000 Roots Al Green
Anything else?
Find us on Facebook and Like the Page keyword: "Da Juh" twitter @dajuh_ Check us out on youtube
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Time Is Now
Independent-Ariana Grande Type Beat-R&B Trap
In Christ There Is No East or West
last time